Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Take pleasure in Blue Ridge Mountain Beauty with Fauna Lodge

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When you want to enjoy Blue Ridge Mountain beauty rent a cabin there. You will feel more comfortable having the entire log home to yourself and your family. Spend the vacations without having to follow any rules or hotel timings. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right cabin:

List What You Need in a Cabin:

Think about what you will be doing while in Blue Ridge. Will you be going fishing or hiking or just relaxing indoors? Think about the number of bedrooms you need and whether you will be bringing your dog along.

Do not hesitate to call and get more information:

If you have seen a cabin online that you want to book, call the management company and ask them as many questions you like. Book online after you are sure it is the right one for you. Many people like to have a luxurious vacation or want to complete privacy. Check out the many cabins offered online, and the amenities they offer so you can take an informed decision. Reading user reviews also give you a good idea about the cabin.

Be Adventurous While You Are There:

There is a lot of adventure to be had in Blue Ridge while you are there. Make a list of all the activities you find online and plan the itinerary well. If you want the tour planned by a professional company call them ahead of time and let them know when you will be there.

Pack All Your Gear:

If you intend to go fishing, pack the rods and reels, and visors. For swimming, you will need the swimwear and for snorkeling, the snorkeling stuff. You can always buy fresh bait from the local shops.

Think More Al Fresco:

Blue Ridge is all about the outdoors, so plan to dine outdoors under the open skies and enjoy the day under the sun as much as you can. Pack your favorite sunglasses, suntan lotion and caps to protect yourself from UV rays while you are at the river or hiking on the mountains.

Think To Discover Mountain Beauty:

The Blue Ridge area is known for its lush vistas. Do plan to visit the most beautiful sites to get the most out of the trip. Include the wine tasting venues and farms on the must-see list as they offer a fantastic experience to visitors. Discover Blue Ridge Mountain beauty with Fauna Lodge, a designer series cabin specially designed for tourists. Enjoy backyard fishing, the hot tub, flat screen TVs and a fully equipped kitchen during your stay.


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