Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Why Oman is Known as The Heaven for Thalassophile

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What is ‘thalassophile’? Well, this term is used for the admirers and lovers of sea and ocean. Are you a sea diving enthusiast, who loves to explore the hidden beauty of turquoise water and diverse marine life under the sea? For those, who have a positive answer for this, Oman is a gem for the diving enthusiasts all around the world. Oman, a nation on the Arabian peninsula, has long coastline on the Persian Gulf. Those who admire the beauty of sea, comes in a huge number to experience the marine life.

Here is a list of a few marine life destinations in Oman, which you must not afford to miss while touring in the country.


Salalah is the second largest city of Oman, is a coastal city. Eagle Bay, Turtle Alley and English Beach are some of the popular diving sites of Salalah. You will be amazed to get a closer encounter with marine life diversity. From Devil Rays, Jenkin Whip Rays, Black Botched Stringrays, octopus, turtles etc. are some of the beautiful marine species. Be careful, your presence shouldn’t hurt this beautiful place.

Ad Dimaniyat Island

Composed of nine islands, this place is known for its crystal clear water and pristine sandy beaches. Leopard Alley and Stingray Paradise are some of the popular diving spots here. On your visit to this exotic place, grab the opportunity to get a glimpse of the green turtle, reef shark, spiny lobster, humpback, whale and spinner dolphin.

Al Fahal island

Al Fahal island or also known as shark island is another paradise for marine life enthusiasts. Those, who want to explore the hidden beauty of sea life, must visit the place to get a close look at barracuda, eagle ray, whale, sharks and many more. The island is composed of approx 40 million years old Eocene limestone and marl.


The place is a home to corals. From manta, eagle ray, barracuda, nudibranches, whale shark to green turtles, this place is a heaven for the marine diversity. Octopus Rock is a popular site for diving.

Don’t forget to greet yourself by visiting these amazing places, if you want to discover the amazing sea life. Apart from marine life, Oman has a lot more to facilitate you. To explore the city scrupulously, you need to visit The Sultanate of Oman with a valid tourist visa. If you haven’t yet applied for a visa, contact Oman visa assistance in Delhi.


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