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Why Hyde Park is famous Destination in London

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Hyde Park London

Hyde Park is the largest and oldest public open space in the London. No doubt, it is one of the famous attractions of the city which one should visit while staying in London. Hyde Park is the great place to go for a picnic with friends, family and kids. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the park is to take a stroll by walking.

Forget about the hectic schedule and busy traffic of the city; take a stroll in the park to relax and chill out. It’s time to get a grasp of a good book, some snacks to munch on and just lounge on the grass. Here are some of the reasons as to why Hyde Park is one the best attraction of the London.

Best for Sightseeing  –

Being centrally located in the London, Hyde Park is must visit attraction of the city. Thousands of travelers visit the park to enjoy its beautiful green open space, wildlife including a range of insects, ducks, bats and birds; and flower gardens. The park is the green lung of the city surrounded by nature where travelers can do swimming and boating too.

Perfect Place away from City-

Whether you want some personal space or you want to grasp some good book, or looking for open space to play football, Hyde Park is the perfect place away from others to explore. If you are looking for some lush green space to calm down or some break from the busy life of the city, head to this park.  Within minutes you will reach the park from Hyde Park apartment hotel. The place has good hotels to stay.

Try Some Activities-

With so many attractions, Hyde Park offers different water and sporting activities to the travelers. You can take a bike on rent to stroll around the park and can stop the bike at the spots on the way to spend some time. You can rent paddle boats to get around the lake. You can enjoy horse riding, play tennis in the tennis court. The Park has a good range of swings and slides for the little ones to enjoy. There are several climbing frames, which children like.

Explore the Serpentine Lake-

Serpentine Lake is the beautiful park of the Hyde Park. You do can rent paddle boats in the lake and do boating. Further, swimming in the lake is the best option for summers. The lake is packed with geese and birds and awesome cafes where you can relish delicious tea, coffee and snacks. This lake is the loveliest place to just relax while exploring the lush green nature of the park. Renting green and white striped folding chairs is another thing to add more charm in enjoying the beauty of nature for hours.

 Places to Visit-

Hyde Park is not only famous as one of the city park of the London; it has several beautiful places to visit too. Head to the Palace of Princess Diana, pop into the dazzling rose garden, visit The Serpentine Gallery; which is famous for its modern exhibitions. Pay a visit to Speaker’s corner for debates and speeches, explore the Kensington Palace, Albert Memorial, Marble Arch and many more.  Do not forget to visit Hyde Park in winters. It is a must to have experience, when all the greenery fades away, lake dry up and converts into the ice skating platform. The place has many things to offer to the travelers. You just need to check out from your Hyde Park apartment hotel and start exploring the beautiful Hyde Park.

Events and Festivals-

Hyde Park hosts a number of events, concerts and festivals. You need to keep a check on the activities going on during your visit to London. Many large scale events including music concerts, music plays, themed cafes, summer shows, local community events and festivals like winter wonderland on Christmas takes place in the park.


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