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What Are the Combined Trips & What Do They Provide?

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What Are the Combined Trips

What Are the Combined Trips

The combined trips are one of the most offered and demanded products in the travel agencies. They offer compelling advantages to travelers, who can enjoy their holidays without worrying about anything else. We explain below what they are and what rights assist you when you hire them.

What Are Package Tours?

The concept of combined travel is straightforward. It is a travel contract that includes at least two of the following three elements:


  • Accommodation
  • Other tourist services that have nothing to do with transportation and housing. Provided these other services are an essential part of the trip.
  • For this combination of services to be considered a combined trip, it must have been contracted in a particular way.

The services must be contracted before the trip and not during the trip. This means that the excursions purchased at the destination are not part of the package.
The trip must have at least one night’s stay

The price of the combination of services is global. That is, if you buy an individual flight and a hotel night in the same agency and you are charged a different price for each one, you are not buying a package trip.

The amount of package travel is set for all services, as a whole.The advantages of hiring combined trips seem obvious only by reading the description of them. First of all, if you hire one of these package tours, you will have to worry about arriving at the airport on time. The travel agency will have bought your flights and made your hotel or hotel reservations for you.

It is possible that the package trip includes excursions whenever you book and organize them before traveling.

Examples of two great trips combined

Exotica proposes a combined trip between Bolivia and Peru. You will land in La Paz and have the possibility to visit, optionally, the Salar de Uyuni, which is the salt desert knows as the largest in the world. If you prefer to stay in La Paz, do not miss the breathtaking views from the cable car. And try to lose yourself in its neighborhoods, rich in color. Find the witch market and be amazed by the number of candles, spells and other items sold there.

The second part of this combined trip ends in Peru. In this country full of history and deeply attached to its roots, you can visit Cuzco and Macchu Picchu. This last place is one of the seven wonders of the world. In the final stage you will have the opportunity to visit the capital of the country: Lima.

Visiting the Arab Emirates and India on the same trip is perfect for those travelers who are interested in contrasts. While the Arab Emirates, with Dubai in the lead, is the cradle of Arab luxury, high technology and man imposing his will on nature, India is just the opposite. Delhi is synonymous with the hustle and bustle, Agra is home to the Taj Mahal, and the pink city of Jaipur will change the way you understand sunset. Glamor in front of spirituality, luxury in front of humility, modernity in front of centuries of culture. That’s what you can experience on this combined trip.

Information that travelers should know about their package holidays

When you hire a package trip, you should make sure that your contract indicates the following aspects.

  • Destination means of transport and characteristics thereof.
  • Duration and calendar of the trip, with an itinerary
  • List of hotels with their category and main characteristics.
  • Meal regime. That includes those that are going to be served if it is breakfast and dinner, only lunch, full board. And whether or not it includes drinks.
  • Requirements to travel to the country or countries of destination.
  • Final price of the trip, taxes included. And the approximate cost of the optional excursions. If there will be additional expenses on the trip, they must also be included in the contract. For example, everything related to tips.

If an advance has been paid, it must also be recorded. The contract must collect all the conditions relating to the agreement. Cancellation clauses and possible liabilities arising from the non-celebration of the trip.

Legal information of the trip organizer and, if he is a foreigner, his legal representative in Spain.

All additional information about the trip that is relevant.

It is essential that you read the contract of your combined trips carefully and that you check that all the elements of the previous list appear in it. In general, most flights go well. But if you had to make a claim, the contract would be supporting documentation to contribute.

As you can see, package tours are not only comfortable and easy to organize. They also protect you against unexpected events. That’s why they are our flagship product. Where do you want to travel? Inevitably in the Exotica travel catalog, you find the combined trip of your dreams.


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