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Top Places To Visit in Kodaikanal- The Princess of Hills

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South India tops the list to plan your vacations if you want to have peace during your trip. Kodaikanal is one such place there to give you an amazing experience of serenity. Situated in Tamil Nadu, this hill station is popularly known as “The Princess of Hills”. It is particularly famous for the fragrance of pine trees and Kurinji flowers. The aura of wood and dewdrops in the morning creates magical vibes for the visitors.

The entire city is full of tourist spots and here are 8 such beautiful places which make Kodaikanal a paradise for the tourists.

Kodai Lake

Created in 1863, this man-made lake is a star-shaped tourist spot. It has been the most unique place for visitors due to the activities around it. Tourists can enjoy cycle rides, horse riding and boating there.

Guna Cave

Popularly known as “Devil’s Kitchen”, this place got famous with a movie named “Guna”. The place excites the people who are full of adventure and love to explore. There are so many trekking trails to the caves. These trails are surrounded by dense green forests. The view around this cave is breathtaking. The area is mostly covered with fog which further enhances your trip experience.

Silver Cascade Falls

Another mesmerising place to visit in Kodaikanal is this waterfall. If you are a nature lover, you are absolutely going to cherish visiting there. The presence of several fruit vendors and breakfast spots around makes this place an ideal tourist location.

Shenbaganur Museum

Also famous as “Flora & Fauna” museum, this place is surely a paradise for the art and nature lovers. It is famous for its antiquities and amazing collection of orchids and various flowers. The place also preserves fossils. It is one of the best museums to learn about the authentic South-Indian culture.

La Saleth Church

This place presents to you the most amazing architecture of South-India. This church is one of the most beautiful places in Kodaikanal which shows you the amazing culture of the region. Located in the mountains, the view of this place is mesmerising. It also provides the most serene vibes that you need to experience peace.

Kodai Chocolate Factory

Chocolates are not something that satisfies your taste buds, but they satisfy your soul. For all the chocolate lovers, the chocolate factory in Kodai is the must place to visit. The aroma of chocolate and the cheerful vibes will give you a lifetime experience. The chocolates are homemade and are the most delicious ones to savour upon. The place also produces scented oils and coffee. All the products made are 100% vegetarian and varieties offered are infinite.

Perumal Peak

The most promising sight of deep valleys is provided at this place. The place is popular amongst nature lovers and is famous for its scenic beauty. The astonishing sight of sweeping valleys is certainly going to catch your attention. The trek to this peak is also very beautiful and has mesmerising scenery. Although the trek is very tiresome but it is worth every effort.

Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple

Whether you are a theist or an atheist, this amazing temple in Kodai will definitely grab your attention. The temple has beautiful architecture that is going to introduce you to the South-Indian traditions. The aromatic Kurinji flowers highlight its beauty and make it the mesmerizing place to visit.

With all these places, a trip to Kodaikanal must have occupied the top position in your bucket list. You can make this trip affordable by using Travelyaari Coupons for your online bookings. The Coupons will reduce the booking prices and make your trip more budget friendly.

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