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All About Renting in Lebanon

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Renting a property in an unfamiliar country might seem to be a daunting task at first, but at the end of the day, Lebanon is a wonderful place to live. The Lebanese are very warm and helpful, and many of the expats who come to Lebanon at the end of their career have been known to retire here only.

Does the Lebanese rental law protect the landlord or the tenant?

Well, the Lebanese law protects both the landlord and the tenant. The standard rental lease under the Lebanese law states that the said property is owned by the individual named on the lease, and is available for Studio for rent in Beirut. The contract is of one year and is renewable for three years. It means that the tenant is responsible for rent on a yearly basis, and the rent will not change for a span of three years.  When the three year period will be over, a new contract will be signed and the landlord may change the rent if he/she chooses to do so.

When is the Rent normally due?

Generally, the landlords prefer to have the rental amount paid for one year in advance; however, usually they accept the amount of 6 months in advance. No landlord will accept the payment on a monthly basis and this comes as a shock to most of the expatriates coming from all around the world because they are used to paying the rent on a monthly basis.

Expenses not covered in the Rent?

Your rental amount will not cover telephone, electricity, internet or the cable television service. These are all the additional charges which you need to consider when calculating your monthly budget. The Municipality fee is paid by the owner and the tenant and this is another shocker for many of the expats coming into a rental situation for the very first time in Lebanon. If the owner registers the lease with the municipality , then the tenant needs to pay a fee which is paid once in a year by the tenant.

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