Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

Affordable Yacht Vacations for Folks

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When one thinks of yacht vacations an image comes up of billionaires, celebrities and politicians enjoying mesmerizing views while sipping martini but you should know it is not just for the rich and famous. There are numerous companies that offer seven-day yacht charters for $8,000 or less with boats having multiple bedrooms which are suitable for families and groups of friends. If you are a traveler you can hire a captain or sail the vessel yourself.

Following are some economical and affordable yacht vacations that you can choose from.


It has an inventory of 5,000 yachts in various destinations worldwide including the South of France and Cuba’s southern coast that would cost $5,000 or less to charter for a week. They also have six bed-room, 46-foot-long catamaran to sail along the Dalmatian coast in Croatia and a captain costs $200 a day including airport transfers.

Yacht to GO

It has a vast diversity of choices, their private yacht rental listings include an endless variety of sailboats, gulets, cruisers, trawlers and even houseboats.  They offer all of these services at fairly lower rate as compared to other yacht vacations company. They have got some really economical packages like serenity-86, serenity-70, Hayal-62, and kanaryam all cost less than $10,000 for a week including captain. They have their office in Florida.

The Moorings

They are in the clear water of Florida which manages the fleet of 4000 boats in 20 different destinations including Bahamas and the Greek Islands. It has many economical models which includes a 38-foot, three-bedroom yacht available for a weeklong sail around Tahiti.  Costs roughly around 10,000 including a captain.

Get My Boat

It offers some 26,000 boats in more than 154 countries that cost $5,000 to $8,000 for a seven-day charter. Some of the packages are cheaper than 4,000 including the captain.

They have got a three-bedroom, 50-foot yacht docked in Ibiza, Spain, available to sail around the Balearic Islands for $3,290, with a captain

Dream Yacht Charter

It has offices both in Europe and America, having a fleet of 700 boats in 42 destinations globally that cost less than $10,000 for a week long charter. They have got 30 boats in the Seychelles that can be rented out for $5,000.

People associated with big industries have understood that such services which were afforded by millionaires has to be adjusted so that a common person can afford them too and with that would come an influx of clients that would increase the revenue annually. There are a lot of potential clients for affordable yacht vacations as tourism influx has also risen in United States as well as Europe. If the prices would be reasonable why wouldn’t people love to have a trip on a yacht leaving behind all their worries, sorrow, tribulations and grief at the middle of the ocean so that they can never find them again.


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