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3 Activities to Choose for Increasing Fun Level of Chengdu Day Tour Easily

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3 Activities To Choose For Increasing Fun Level Of Chengdu Day Tour Easily

Chengdu draws a huge tourist base because of the giant pandas but the city has a lot more to offer. You can opt for mahjong class in the afternoon and spend a leisurely evening in the tea house. But don’t be fooled by the laid-back environment because the diverse culture is engaging for all. In addition to it, the exciting nightlife is a perk. Enriched with stunning natural beauty and ancient tradition, the footfall of the tourist is only increasing. And it is safe to say, the southwestern city has become an international tourist spot.

If you are flying down to the eastern part of the world, you may be caught in a serious dilemma. What should be in your itinerary? What should you expect? Where should you go? In order to design your Chengdu day tour, prepare yourself for an enthralling experience. Go through the following section and know from where to start.

Spending the Afternoon in traditional teahouse

One of the best ways to get the authentic local flavor is to enroll for mahjong class. Generally, the course is 3-hour long but you may end up exploring the market. You can pick up the various Sichuan spices and learn the basics of cooking Sichuan province. Of course, the English-speaking guides are set to make your trip more interesting. They are expert at teaching you all the game rules. Mahjong gives you an easy opportunity to test your intelligence. So, start dreaming of sipping tea in a pleasant afternoon while playing mahjong.

Get on Jiayang Steam Train

Going around the mountain ranges of Sichuan province is quite adventurous when you book tickets for Jiayang steam train. Moreover, the modern motive power machine has replaced the steam engines around the world. Jiayang steam ride is a rare experience. 3 passenger trains pass every day and the carriages ensure beautiful experiences. The smooth operation is also another advantage for the tourists. If you book for the luxury carriage, enjoy the modern amenities including air-conditioner, LED lights, and stereo. However, if you wish to get the ancient feel, the wooden benches and tables are what you need. Now, the main highlights of the train ride are Bee Rock, Liang Sui Tuo, and Yuejin Station. If you are traveling on a sunny day, don’t miss the panorama of the rainbow land.

Visit Shuimo Ancient Town

Situated in Wenchuan County, Shuimo Ancient Town is also known as the town of longevity. It is one of the most popular Tibetan villages that look beautiful in spring, summer, winter, and all the year around. For finding comfort in Chengdu, take the unusual route which leads you to Dujiangyan. The sight of misty Dujiangyan is surreal and mystery at the same time. And, the hilly slopes and mountain triangles create an awe-inspiring view. However, sightseeing is quite challenging and not suitable for children. Senior citizens must opt for another adult company.

But, don’t worry about finding very interesting for your children. Book your slot for panda volunteerservice and ensure a gala family time.

Author bio: Ava Perry, an avid traveler backpacking around Chengdu, has written on how to prepare for a day out as a panda volunteer. Here, she discusses the points of interests during the Chengdu day tourthat you cannot afford to miss.


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