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Why Security Systems are significant and how long does it take to install?

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Due to home invasion and robberies that have been occurring around the country, Home alarm systems in Manchester is growing amid homeowners and home security companies. Though many people feel safe in their communities but home invasion can happen any time. It is frequently happening in the recent years. Many of the citizens aren’t aware of the risk involve in break-ins and prevention. Let’s see some burglary statistic and show you how home security system in Manchester can greatly help against home invasion.

Here are some mind boggling statistics about home invasion and burglaries for this year.

  • Over 2 million home invasion, and over 300k robberies in result.
  • 2/3 of home invasions happened due to forced entry in the home.
  • Approximately robbers spent 60 seconds inside the home.
  • Homes without Home alarm systems in Manchester are three times more likely to be burglarize.

These are adequate statistics to turn around your mind. Robbers literally take a minute to turn your life upside down – break in, rob and takeaway. Now let’s tell you the statistics about the Home alarm systems in Manchester installed.

  • 3 out of 4 incomplete intrusion is credited to a home security system.
  • Home with home alarm systems in Manchester have less probability of getting burglarized.
  • 9 out of 10 convicted robbers during interrogation state that they avoid home with home security system.
  • Homes are likely to be burglarized that have plain view without a lot of shrubbery.

There are advantages of installing home security system and stats have speak for itself. Obviously, the purpose of the system is to protect then how can it harm. Additionally, such systems also control your appliances helping you to conserve energy and cost cutting over energy bills. With just a smartphone or other portable device you can control the system. For enclosed homes, it’s advised to install home security systems for the safety of you, your family and your worthy belongings.

Time taken to install security system

Now the question rises that how long does it take to install home alarm systems Manchester? The trend of calling in technician to install a home security system is fading away. Do it yourself (DIY) security systems are introduced that can be easily installed and doesn’t require any drilling or wiring. Installing an essential wireless security system can take approximately 25-30 minutes, whereas system with more sensor can take to an hour or more. In either way, DIY system is best in all aspect, reliability, cost effectiveness and less complication. The system is portable and can be moved to new home.

So we’re going to further extend the discussion over installing a DIY security system and time taken by each component to install. It will be a helpful guide for yourself. So we assumed you’ve the following sensors:

  • Control Panel (1)
  • Door or Window Sensors (1)
  • Motion Sensors (3)
  • Glass Break Sensors (2)
  • Smoke or Heat Sensors (1)
  • Light Modules (2)
  • Indoor Wireless Security Camera (1)
  1. Purchase your DIY Security System

Obviously you need to purchase security system before installing. If you are shipping, it may take extra cost and 2-5 days at max.

  1. Install the Control Panel

First step after purchasing DIY security system is installing the control panel. Plug the control penal into a power outlet, preferably that’s not controlled by a switch. It will not allow you to switch off your panel accidentally. Put it somewhere on tabletop or counter. It will hardly take 3 minutes and extra 5 minutes to mount the bracket on the wall.

  1. Fix your Security System Sensors

Following installation of control panel, place your sensors around the home. Each sensor should be attached to easily peel and place. Place sensors on your walls, doors, ceiling, etc according to instruction given by the security company.

  1. Set up Wireless Security Camera

It’s also simple, you require access to a computer in the home and learn your router’s password. For most of the cameras, you need to plug into either the computer or router to become fully wireless. Install the cameras on the computer, once you’ve set-up you can place your camera. It will take 10 minutes.

  1. Call Security Company to activate

Simply give a call to your DIY security system company to activate your system. They will test your sensors to make sure your system is working perfectly. It takes approximately 15 minutes.


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