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Smart Device Security Risks You Might Not Be Aware of

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Smart Device Security

Smart devices are all the rage these days. While these smart devices tend to make our lives easy, they also come with their own set of threats. In fact, these devices often have more threats than you can imagine. Because let’s face it. Technology may be a blessing. But we all are aware of the crimes and threats that it gave birth to as well. The good part is that you now have smartphones that you can literally turn into televisions relishing channels like ESPN on Comcast. The bad part remains the threats. Quite scary ones!

Here are some of the many risks that you are not aware of:

Devices Turned into Bots

It is a common practice in the world of smart devices that home appliances are turned into bots. These include the likes of security cameras, washing machines, and even universal remotes. How this works is that these devices become a source of sending Internet traffic to specific targets. And this (in all the cases) happens without the knowledge of the owners. The owners are not at fault for this. If you see closely, then no one is at fault. But if you go into the details, then the device creators can be blamed partly for not adding strong security protocols in them. The users also fail to change the passwords set by default. Which, in turn, makes it easy for hackers to access these devices easily and take control of them.

Therefore, it is important that the designers of the devices start adding security protocols in them.


Ransomware is a type of malicious software that is capable of denying access to a computer or any other device unless a ransom is paid. It is an emerging form of malware. It locks the users out of their files and devices. Thus, making it impossible for them to access anything on the attacked device. This attacks computers and mobile devices. However, this should not fool you into thinking that other devices are not at any threat. Smart devices now face this threat as well. If the devices are not secured properly, then it becomes easy for hackers to infect smart devices with ransomware as well. These include thermostats and other appliances.

The organizations, in particular, have to play safe because the hackers attack them the most through ransomware. These include government agencies and law firms. The companies or organizations with sensitive data are even willing to pay heavy amounts to keep the information protected through security software.

There are ways through which the companies or individuals can avoid ransomware. These include:

  • Keeping your operating system up to date.
  • Not installing software or giving it administrative privileges unless or until you are fully aware of the exact nature of it.
  • Installing antivirus software. This aids in detecting malicious programs like ransomware.
  • Backing up your files. So that if an emergency may occur, you have saved data.

Other than this, smart devices pose other security risks as well.

Wi-Fi Networks not Secured

One of the major threats that organizations and households face is insecure Wi-Fi connections. Not talking about the organizations here, but households do not pay much attention to the security of the Wi-Fi connections. However, one should not take it lightly. It is always a good security practice to lock your home Wi-Fi system as well. Some households do not practice this. They just leave their networks open wide. This allows hackers or any other people residing close to you to get online easily using your network.

The problem does not end here. If the hackers get access to your network, they can easily take over your devices. This will allow them to collect information that they otherwise would not be able to. You will get into trouble if this happens. Therefore, make it a habit to secure your Wi-Fi network.

If you still did not get chills after reading the types of security risks that you are at through smart devices, I do not what will scare you enough. You should also aim to look for secure Internet services. Look for Xfinity near me to see if the company offers its services in your area. Because Comcast Xfinity offers a couple of security features to its users as a part of the Internet services. This includes antivirus services. So, this could help you to add an extra protection layer. However, you should keep an eye on other smart devices at your home as well.


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