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Simple Ways you can Add Captions & Subtitles to your Social Media Videos

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Social Media Videos

The social media streams are known as fast-moving and crowded that makes them crazy competitive ones. As we see social network throttling back the organic reach, making your presence felt on it is becoming harder with every passing day. You would see your fans and followers scrolling the past posts and ruthlessly dismissing over the headlines and images they see. Social media video has seen stopping power. The movement is more visually prominent than the still pictures, hence videos on social media has its own importance. To make them more effective, adding captions to the videos is mandatory.

At Facebook when people tend to catch the videos with its low sound and videos go on autoplay without any sound, captions play an important role in catching up the attention of the viewers. Well, you need to know some simple ways to add captions and video subtitling in the following ways:

Transcribe your video

When it comes to Facebook, it requires the SRT file format captions. You would need to make your own or hire one of the best Subtitling companies in India. If you happen to write your own caption file, you get to use certain naming convention for the file format. For instance, any file to be written in the US English can be named as while for the Brazilian Portuguese it can be written as the

Start Uploading the captions to Facebook

In the second step, start uploading the captions to Facebook. All you need to do is to go to the desired video over the pave of your video library followed by hovering it over the middle and choose the option called Edit Video. Then under the Caption of Tab, you got to choose the option called Upload SRT File and then choose your video from your PC and then save it by clicking over the button save. While posting the video for the first time, you need to check the captions tab and then start checking the same instructions.

Play the video content with captions, share, and enjoy

In the third step towards Video Subtitling, you need to play the video. Unless you check the caption box over the player controls, your video will be playing with captions. However, if you are putting the videos on Instagram, then you need to know that this platform has some restrictions that you have to check accordingly. The reason behind the same is that Instagram has not closed captioning feature for the videos. Hence the videos are required to be put with the“burned-in” or the encoded/open captions while these are uploaded. Also, for Instagram, it is often recommended to have format for Instagram videos like MP4. Also, you need to check the restriction as well for not allowing you to post more than sixty seconds of any video at one time.

Understand your target platform

When it comes to Video Subtitling, you need to know which social media platform you are targeting. Whether Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram is your target. Each platform has its own whims and fancies, which have to be considered while embarking upon with the videos with captions. In case, if you are targeting all the social networking sites, you get to have a fair understanding of the ways of doing them or outsource the work to one of the best subtitling companies in India. Well, you have so many options when to rely upon.

Hire a Captioning Service

If things do not work at your end or you are not able to do things on your own, the best choice is to rely on any professional company. Although it may be possible to create your own set of open captions with expensive video editing programs, but hiring a captioning company to do the same will end up saving a whole lot of time and effort. However, when you are planning to hire any group, you need to get one of the best Subtitling companies in India. All you can do is to take your time to research for one of the best groups in the country.

Wrapping up

When it comes to video subtitling, it has many more benefits to offer. It can help you to market your thoughts and ideas and bring your target audience the best. If you are able to do things on your own then great or else hire a professional group which remains the best Subtitling companies in India to get things right.


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