Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Open Source Solutions: The Perfect Fit for your Enterprise

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Today, open source software solutions have become an integral part of almost every organization. Almost everything around us requires open source solution, whether it is telecommunication systems, inventory management, accounting and tax, personal productivity applications, contact management and operating systems amongst the others. Still not convinced?

Pondering over few years back, open source software was largely stated as being entirely inferior to the proprietary software. But in the recent years, stats reveal that 65% of companies today are using open source solutions in one of the other way, and furthermore, four out of every five websites are powered by the open source web servers. Some of the most common examples of software you might not be apprised of are open source, including the Linux operating system, Firefox, Wikipedia and even the mobile OS Android.  A using open source software solution, apart from being very cost-effective, comes with significant advantages. So let us have a look:

Open Source Solutions are Cost Effective

Using open source solutions help enable organizations to be more flexible in their operations because of the low investment required to use open source solutions. Since most of the open source solutions don’t cost anything, the only cost involved is training yourself or your employees to use the software.

This clearly shows that switching software will not be that expensive for businesses using open source solutions. So if you are looking to start small, but still have a solution at place that works at scale, open source solution may be the perfect fit for you.

Frequent Performance Upgrades

When we talk about open source software solutions, there are many people who contribute and assess the project by searching and fixing bugs or the performance upgrades. Moreover you can also automate performance upgrades for your open source solutions that will help spot all open source components in your computer that can be upgraded and notify you accordingly.

Sheer Freedom

Usually when someone uses particular software, they become limited in with that particular vendor only. But, businesses and individuals using open source solutions generally don’t face this issue. But how? Since open source users don’t pay for the product, they are free to switch the solution they are using at any time. And most importantly, any business or individual using an open source solution can easily customize it to match their needs if the situation requires a change.

Avid Communities of Supporters

With open source software solutions, you often come across an active community of supporters and contributors. This exemplifies that asking questions about the community will be simple, easy, and every time you get the help you need through other users of the software. On the other hand, when you are using a paid solution, you are usually justify with a customer service team which typically is only a small size when compared to almost any other community surrounding the open source solutions.


With paid software products, you and your team barely get a look under the hood. But with open source software solutions, you not only view the raw code, but you can also discuss with the community about how the code works. And the best part, you can add or include any additional feature yourself, or you can pay your developer to add it for you.

Open source software solutions don’t come with usage limits and with no other to collect and store your data. Thus, freeing up IT and other administrative staff to work on other important tasks, instead of wasting time on insignificant things like license and usage management.  On the whole, open source solutions are much more cost-effective than their respective proprietary peers.


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