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Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Literature Review

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Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Literature Review

Being a college or school student, you are often asked to write a literature review by your professors & teachers at the university and submit it before the deadline to score higher in exams. However, there are lots of students who are not so good in literature review writing and unintentionally make some mistakes. It results in poor marks and decreased confidence. Therefore we are sharing some mistakes which you are not supposed to do while writing a literature review.

Common Mistakes in Writing Literature Review

If you are a doctoral student, you also might work on dissertations or literature review writing and very well know how much it is quite a tedious process and involves many steps & pitfalls. If this is the case with you, to help and eliminate your extra stress and time, Dissertation Proofreading Services have compiled a list of most common mistakes students make while writing literature review so that you could easily fix them.

Let’s have a look:

  1. Use of Emotional Phrases: There are many students who like to mention emotional phrases in their literature review but Dissertation Editing Services advised to avoid the use of these kinds of phrases in your literature review section as the main purpose of writing a literature review is to present the existing currents of thoughts of yours on your research topic and therefore, there should not be any subjectivity and words of emotions.
  2. No Line of Arguments Statement: Another important thing to keep in mind while writing a literature review is to mention a line of argument irrespective of the topic you are writing about. Most of the students fail to do this as they think that writing a literature review is all about the description of sources but this is not true. So, do not forget to add some thesis statements.
  3. No Background or Definition Section: This is one of the most common mistakes most of the students are tend to make. They either ignore or forget to insert a pre-literature review section that contains relevant background information and important terms in definition. If you are also not defining essential concepts and presenting relevant background information about the topic, you are losing a large potential audience.
  4. Not Checking Plagiarism: When you are writing a literature review, just make ensure to check its plagiarism before submitting it to the university so that if there is any type of duplicity or any issue, you could solve it on time. Though you are not copying, while dealing with multiple research sources, you may end up copying some of the information or sentences. Dissertation Topic Help can help you in providing error-free & plagiarism free literature reviews.

Final Words

These were some common mistakes most of the students make unknowingly. Apart from these mistakes, you should pay your attention to report for grammatical errors and further rounds of proofreading. This way you would be able to eliminate most of the mistakes and could submit an impressive and competitive literature review.


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