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How Website Translation Services Can Boost Your Business?

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Never in the human history has it been easier to access information and connect people all across the globe. As a result, businesses are rapidly growing on a global scale. Thanks to the internet, but it has also changed how people conduct business and connect to the potential buyers of new markets.

If your business is determined to enter and grow new markets, hiring a translation service is indispensable. However, a translation service should not be limited for written, audio and video content. It is also significantly important for your website. Your website may be the first point-of-contact for countless potential customers. Only an experienced website translation services agency can help you translate your marketing materials.  

Why translating your website is crucial to boost your business?

Helps Connect Local Customers

For any business aiming to conquer the global market, translating their website into the local language of its viewers is the primary key to visibility.

After English, the most popular languages on the internet is Chinese (19.3%), Spanish (8.1%), Arabic (5.3%), Portuguese (4.1%), Indonesian (4.1%), French (3.2%), Japanese (2.9%) and Russian (2.6%).Statista

Web users stay twice as long on a website if it’s in their native tongue. Another vital fact that supports website localization is:

The probability of site visitors being converted into consumers is four times higher if the site content is in their native language.

Localizing a website is more than just directly translating its text into a specific language. Components like images, site design, and even the choice of colors can have a significant impact on how its target audience accepts a website. Only a good translation service with native translators can ensure that aside from the grammatical accuracy of the translations, the target country’s cultural and linguistic nuances are observed throughout the website.

Website Translation Can Boost Your SEO Results

SEO is a vital part of online business. Every company strives to get its website reach the top of search engine results which is directly proportional to the number of people able to find your business online. A website translation can make your SEO stronger. Creating a new page for a new language will enable you to create more backlinks. SEO is all about attracting more potential customers on the internet. So, it makes perfect sense to translate your business website into as many languages as possible to access the widest range of target audience. Through website translation, you can share useful information with customers.

Website Translation Engages Customers’ Emotion

Customers who are emotionally connected with your product or service tend to be more loyal. If you want to connect with your customers on an emotional level, you ought to communicate them in their first language. It is also a sign of respect when you market your products and services to your customers in their first language. International customers tend to spend their time online visiting websites that are in their native language. No wonder why, translation services are indispensable.

Essential Components Of Translating A Website

  • Website translation should contain marketing materials, ads, and videos.
  • A website’s code and design, spelling, and symbols are an important component of business translation. Some countries might speak the same language but spell words differently or use different words to explain the same thing. No component should be lost in translation.

To expand your business, you must break the barrier of language existing among the people of different nations. A website translation company can help your businesses to translate websites and sell your merchandise to customers all across the world.


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