Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Chatbots- The Bridge Between Employers And Employee

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Communications have done right, both internally and externally; often play a critical role in the success of any business. Over the course of manner, an increasing number of companies have been leveraging available technologies and channels for robust communications. One widely quoted yet misunderstood example for the same is chatbots. 

The year 2018 has seen a leap in the application of chatbots into the human resource sector. Chatbots are conversational interfaces powered by artificial intelligence and aim at providing a human-like conversation to the user via text or auditory methods. One such area that is ripe for intelligent automation within an enterprise is the Human Resources HR software.

Chatbots in HR are here to improve the overall employee experience and cater to the various needs of the workforce. By providing real-time responses, HR chatbots are always receptive to all the issues and queries posted. 

Through this article, we will be discussing how a wisely chosen, a well-implemented chatbot can boost the HR-related productivity of employees.

Productivity And Advantages

  • Your productivity will soar with an ideal employee like a chatbot. For starters, a chatbot requires no vacations or weekends. 
  • You have a continuous 24- hours customer service machine.
  • Chatbots are efficient, reliable that aim to enhance the employee experience.

Performance Management

  • Taking into account how the HR solution chatbots function, employees can set their goals according to their projects to track down their performances. 
  • The goals can be updated, edited, and new goals can be later added to get an overall picture of the growth and progress of each employee.
  • There is no time delay in the mid-year and year-end reviews due to the automation process.

Payroll Assessments

  • Problems related to payslips can be taken care of thanks to human resource management services chatbots.
  • Employees can view and download their related documents and also asks doubts related to their salaries such as tax deductions, pf claim, and other relevant queries.
  • Chatbots also aid in the reimbursement process, which enables employees to claim reimbursements & raise travel requests via a simple chat interface.

Employee Training

  • As far as any organization or firm is concerned, training of employees is a fundamental process which is where using chatbots is very useful since it involves interactive participation by employees.
  • Employees can be trained using videos and tests that are custom made for their roles in the company, which can be used for regular assessments for the employee.

Voice Support

  • With the use of voice support, employees can directly talk to the chatbot to pose their queries and receive instructions in the manner of their choice.
  • A combination of personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant opens up the opportunities to share resources and be on the go
  • As best suggested on the desktop, voice bots will help us book follow up meetings, send notes and share files, meetings through voice commands in Google Hangouts and Microsoft teams.

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