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Bring your graphic novel alive with InDesign Plugin

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Designing with InDesign plugin by magplus

The digital technology has unlocked numerous opportunities. Things that were not possible earlier are now a ground reality. The digital technology is changing our lives every second. Even as I am writing this blog, new innovations are taking place.

Talking about the publishing industry, it has gone through a huge transition. There has been an increasing demand for the E-Books over the traditional print books. Thus, most publishing houses have gone digital.

Talking about the publishing industry, it has gone through a huge transition. There has been an increasing demand for the E-Books over the traditional print books. Thus, most publishing houses have gone digital.

Generally speaking, it is easy to access and consume digital information. Adding to this, smartphones have served as a catalyst to digital technology. Every information is now available instantly, without any hassle.

When talking about the designing industry, it has also not remained untouched from digital technology. With the various designing software programs available in the market, designing is becoming more and more advanced. The digital publications are getting more interactive, lively and user-friendly.

It is essential to understand that Graphic Designing is an art that intends to create a strong visual impact in the minds of the audience. Thus, among all the different publications, designing a graphic novel is the most challenging task for a designer, just because of the fact that it is rich in visual elements. It is quite similar to a comic strip format where most of the messages are conveyed in the pictorial form.

In this blog, we will tell you how with an InDesign plugin, one can easily design a graphic novel without being a professional designer. Furthermore, we will be telling you how several multimedia elements can be incorporated to make your graphic novel more interactive.

Designing with InDesign plugin

InDesign is a software that helps make interesting designs from scratch. It comprises of numerous tools that are suitable for making beautiful designs. While most designers would prefer to build their own design, it is not the case always. Making your own design is a time-taking process, especially for a publication like a graphic novel where there is no scope to keep it text heavy and the designer has to only play with the visual elements. Thus, in such a case it is advisable to use an In-Design plugin. Let us understand in detail the advantages of using an InDesign Plugin.

Built-in templates

Designing a graphic novel requires to put some serious efforts on the visual aspect of the design over the content, as the message is mainly conveyed through the pictorial means. It is perhaps the most time taking process for any designer. Thus, the built-in templates for graphic novels can be a good way to start your designing. It not only saves times but also lets you explore different design ideas, instead of starting from scratch. Not to mention that the templates are completely customizable according to the designer’s needs.

Talk bubbles

A graphic novel is certainly incomplete without a talk bubble. With an InDesign plugin, the talk bubbles can be made more interactive. You can add a text narration button to the talk bubble. Imagine how exciting it would be for the readers where the characters in the novel speak. It will be a completely new experience.


Since a graphic novel is more about talking visually, using GIFs can be a good option. GIFs used wisely can immediately capture the attention of the reader and highlight the essence of the novel. It can showcase the movements and emotions that a still image can’t possibly do. In other words, a GIF can enhance the experience of the user and add interactivity to the overall design of your novel. With an InDesign plugin, one can explore a wide range of GIFs and easily incorporate it into the design.

Scrollable layers Adding scrollable layers lets you adjust the delivery and the interactivity of the content. It is a good way to enhance the scrolling experience that eventually builds the user’s interest. There are several types of scrolling methods that you can incorporate in your novel with the InDesign Plugin like Long Scrolling Fixed Long Scrolling, Infinite Scrolling, and Parallax Scrolling


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