Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Best laptop for money- ASUS GU 502

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It’s like now everyone’s looking to spend three-four five thousand dollars on a laptop so today we’re going to be taking a look at the Asus GU 502. This is a mid-tier laptop that gives most of the performance that you would want for a mobile solution here that’s not only powerful for gaming but also has a clean aesthetic that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to use this in the boardroom, and it is configurable, so of course your mileage is going to vary depending on the way you spec yours out but the reason why this is the G variant is it has a g-sync panel built-in.

The looks won’t bother you in any way as the laptop is sleek and looks neat. The panel itself is pretty reliable being not too smooth, not too hard. You might feel the panel is of low quality, but there is nothing to worry about that. The rotors are to the ends at the bottom, making it feel a bit flexible, but it is merely a panel like any other laptop. There is no point that you do not like this laptop and what it has to offer at such a low price while performing as the high end ones. It is pointless to spend five thousand dollars on a laptop no matter what the laptop is and how good it gets. Just the portability along with the performance matters.


it’s 144 Hertz IPS g-sync panel, so that’s already awesome I love the panel technology advancing as it has over the last several years to where we can get a 144 Hertz g-sync IPS panel in a laptop but of course you need 144 Hertz even to matter you need a powerful enough GPU so this is using an RTX 2060 the rest of the specs though nothing brand new it’s an Intel 9th gen 9750, got 16 gigabytes of ddr4, 1 terabyte name SSD in there so they already could be teaching razor a thing or two about actually putting in decent sized SSDs to is even the razorblade Pro maxes out at 512 gigabytes of SSD storage which is ridiculous on something at that price point so kudos to Asus for including a 1 terabyte. You can get a great discount on electronic items online using GoNoise coupons.


The panel is 144 Hertz three millisecond so we’ll be checking for things like ghosting I don’t think we’ll I don’t believe so Asus would stoop to using a crappy enough panel to where we would have ghosting at a high refresh rate the problem with high refresh rate is if the pixel refresh or response time can’t keep up with the refresh rate then you get ghosting where you’ll have that trail like kind of a smudged image of it, and the faster things move, the more ridiculous it looks absolutely the worst-case scenario for a gamer in might beam especially if you’re doing shooters.


In temperature testing, we had been running now for probably 15 minutes or so and we saw temperatures reach 71 it clocked initially from about 14 down to 13.  I think even though it’s a full-blown GPU a lot of people are expecting to see the same clocks you’d get out of a desktop GPU that’s not the case because it doesn’t have the cooling I mean as you can see it’s just got these tiny

fans one and then shared pipe from the other fan so with that scales the performance so what were you tested right here is what the kind of a worst-case scenario would be. At 99 percent and then dropping to 75 back up to 99 and the CPU is actually sitting pretty toasty to at about 85.

It pushes all those cores for everything that they’re worth when it comes to gaming, and I would never recommend turning on archaic features for 2060. I’m sure Nvidia gets salty every time I say that but given the fact that you have to turn the RTX features down so low to keep the 26 C from taking a performance hit and then turning on things like DL SS which is also known as d LS super smudgy for all-out gaming performance. You can apply for  Software Engineer Jobs to know about this field.

Gaming Experience

The animations and frame rates were stable the whole time, so we do not have to worry about the frame drops as long as you do not keep the graphics settings to maximum. Being a mid-tier laptop, it cannot serve that well at higher graphics, but it is pretty good. The machine does not get that loud while gaming, so you can play using the speakers. Speakers are not that good as you will notice a bit of distortion, but it sounds clear and sharp if you keep it low. GPU and CPU performance is unaffected by the heating and works well.


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