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7 Easy-Peasy Tricks to Solve Signal Problem

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Solve Signal Problem

Trying to connect that important call again and again? Or, struggling to send an emergency email? Or, looking a way out to solve the stuck messages issue? Mobile network error can cause so many problems. Sometimes even when the signal strength from the service provider is excellent, you may face network problems.

We constantly keep our smartphone engaged in millions of things, and a weak signal can bring a halt to all the tasks. The situation is very frustrating if you are actually doing something very important. However, rather than blaming bad weather, signal tower, your smartphone or service provider, it is better to solve the problem. Here we are telling you some simple and proven tricks to get out of signal problems.

Switch to enable and disable airplane mode

It is the first thing you should do while dealing with network hangs, slows down, signal disappearing, and similar situations. Whenever you notice sluggish or poor signal, it is one of the easiest ways to resume it. In fact, doing it in a routine matter can help you a lot to boost connections.

Change network mode

At many places, 4G and 3G services are not available or not sufficiently strong. Switching to only 2G or Edge can solve network issues. You can do it through your smartphone. Go to setting, wireless and network setting. Tap on mobile networks, mode and select GSM only or remove WCDMA only mode. You can also select auto mode which means your phone will automatically switch to best available signals.

Use a signal booster

Signal boosters are very helpful device that helps to amplify signals and broadcast to a space with poor signal strength. If your home and office constantly face network issues, signal booster is the best option. Get a good device installed, for example, Verizon wireless signal booster. Also known as repeaters, you can get them in a local shop nearby or via an online store.

Reinsert phone sim card

This simple step can do wonders you haven’t expected. Sometimes, you may have heard customer care service representative to reinsert the sim card to solve an issue. This trick refreshes network and connects your phone to the best nearest signal tower.

So, next time you face a signal problem, switch it off, remove the battery if it is removable, remove sim card, wait for a few minutes and reinsert sim card and battery. Switch your smartphone on after a few minutes.

Handle lightly

Sometimes holding the phone with very tight hands can also restrict networks reaching your phone. In fact, in some cases it the reason behind weak signals. Avoid covering the upper side of the phone with your hands. In addition removing smartphone, the cover can also help in amplifying connection strength.

Open windows

Though it is not necessary where the network is excellent, residences having poor signals should try to open windows and doors. Coming out of open places also helps a lot while making calls or browsing.

The closer your will move to mobile tower network, the stronger your signal will be. However, smartphones don’t always connect to the nearest tower.

Make calls using Wi-Fi signals

If even after trying all the tricks mentioned above, it is hard to get signals, you should try making phones calls using Wi Fi (if possible). You can turn on the feature from your Wi Fi router and send messages or make calls over Wi Fi networks without worrying of mobile signals.

Hope these tips and tricks will help you overcome the network issues. Share your experience with us.

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