Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

4 Features to Look Out in B2B White Label Solution

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The advent of technology has revolutionized the travel industry immensely. With the innovation of more and more advanced technology, the travel industry has made itself well-equipped with every feature that needs to meet the market requirements. Travelers are using online travel booking platform to book their desired services and products and the number of online users is increasing tremendously day by day. To serve this majority of travelers, it has become essential to build a unique platform that works and yield the required services efficiently, accurately and conveniently.

Travelers are turning towards online travel agency, just because the process is time consuming and provides a whole package of travel itinerary instantly and even the existence of multiple payment gateways make it more convenient for the users. Users can get access to the widest array of choices to take out their best-suited service.

A reliable B2B white label travel portal development company builds a flexible booking engine to bring everything under one vend. If you are planning to leave your traditional travel business behind and move forward with an efficient, robust and reliable B2B white label travel website, you must consider a few things.

Simplify the booking experience

The key reason, why people are turning towards OTA is an amazing booing experience. In this fast-paced world, nobody wants to stop at anywhere for any trivial issue. So your website must run smoothly and display the searched results instantly without making the user wait for it. The three major processes of online booking software are- searching, booking and payment. People search for their best-suited services and when getting the result instantly initiate the booking process and finally completed the task by paying the amount through payment gateway. B2B should always make the functions easy by adding travel agents, customized mark-ups, sales of own inventory and serves the target audience.

Full control over agent and ticket booking

It should provide you with complete control over assigning mark-ups and suppliers, sending notification of registration via Emails or SMS, access to agents and many more. It should make searching easy and the user must get access to what he was looking for. Business should be able to exercise control over booking, cancellation and rescheduling. The whole system must run smoothly for both ends, so that it can deliver what it is expected to do.

Automatic updates on live status

Earlier, travel agents needed to open a lot of windows to get access to the status of a particular booking. But now, auto reconciliation has been minimizing the complexities of opening different tabs to get a single booking result. Now agents can easily track a booking and gets update on the status, whether the user had cancelled the booking or rescheduled it or had made any changes.

Complete control over back office system

An ideal B2B Travel Portal allows the travel business to manage payment gateways, preferred destination, nationalities, currencies, exchange rate, discount, mark-ups and offers.

An ideal OTA is known for providing a platform that can easily integrate new features and must yield the better user-experience by giving the control to create their own travel itinerary.


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