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4 Tennis Court Repair and Resurfacing Tips to Maintain your Court

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Tennis is an amazing game, isn’t it? However, the feeling of pleasure and all the fun entails depend largely on how good your tennis court is. Tennis courts come in variety of surfaces and this is the reason tennis court repair is best performed by experienced surfacing contractors. There are carpet type of courts, hard courts and even the grass and clay tennis courts. Many tennis players actually prefer grass courts for how nicely they feel on the feet. But for your tennis court to look stunning and effective when it comes to playing tennis, you will inevitably require to maintain the court.

This webcast will highlight some significant application tips and techniques that are often overshadowed. So here we go-

Keep the Work Area Clean

Majority of experienced tennis court contractors realize the importance of a clean and well-organized work area. From time to time, we often notice work areas that are not protected and are open to spills and splatter. So make sure to use a tarp, old carpet remnants, or even layers of masking paper when setting up your staging and mixing. If you are setup outside of the court playing area on a sidewalk, you don’t need the extra work of sandblasting and trying to remove dried paint and coating residue.

Application Squeegee and Tool Marks

There are several procedures, when it comes to tennis court repair and resurfacing. Many of the industry tools are very precise and make quite a difference in quality and ease of application. The application squeegee must be between 50-60 durometer that measures softness/hardness of the rubber. Lower the number, softer is the rubber squeegee blade. If the blade is too soft, it will bend over in the middle and create problems, as well. There are several types of resurfacing materials you can use, like an acrylic re surfacer that helps reduce the surface porosity.

Touch-up Paint and Edging

Difference between tennis court repairs that is ok and the one that is great largely depends on the minute details. Diligent tennis court contractors go the extra mile for:

  • Painting old net posts that aren’t ready to get replaced, but look worn out
  • Trim around the outside edge of the court, under and behind the fences
  • Use an anti-bleed line primer
  • Don’t blast off the windscreens with pressure washer as they can damage sun-baked fabrics and leave behind the pressure washer patterns.


Some of the common workmanship issues to consider is the squeegee handling and proper mixing of different coating materials. Try and avoid setting a wet squeegee blade down on dry pavement, as it can leave squeegee blade marks that mirror through the final coat. However, if you set the squeegee down by mistake and leave behind a slash mark, use the bottom of your show to rub out the mark before it gets dry.

Most of the tennis court repair contractors also consider spacing their material pours such that each pour happens on the area where a line will be. And this further helps hiding the pour mark from your eye.

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