Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

Why You Should Consider Installing Aluminium Bifold Doors?

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Bi-fold doors are the ones that slide open when its panels fold and pile up neatly near the wall. These doors are also referred to as folding sliding doors, bi-folding doors, sliding room dividers, and glass sliding doors. It is a great alternative to the old-style sliding doors. Some of the material choices available for these doors are PVCu, aluminium, and timber. Aluminum doors give you the best value for money as you can also customize them. They do not rot, and they can easily be folded along with layers of glass sheets that you reserve for your door design.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose aluminium bifold doors:

Allows more natural light inside the home

Aluminium bifold doors have a huge opening with the glass doors. It is a great way to allow natural light coming into your home. In case your house is small and dim, these doors do wonders as far as brightness is concerned. You can use the best varieties to stop the sunlight during the day. These are also good to allow the sunlight to remain trapped inside your home during the winter months, and also, they trap the cold air inside your home, during the summer months.

Powerful yet light

Powerful always need not be bulky. Aluminium is mainly a low-density metal, which makes these doors slim and sturdy. With this, you will be able to develop slender lines to offer modern appearance to your home with a big glaze area and enhanced views. Also, aluminium remains tough in all weather conditions. It does not expand or contract with direct exposure to sunlight. Due to this, it is said that these doors are sturdy, strong, and light in weight.

Occupy less space near the entrance

When you are confused about whether to choose aluminium bifold doors or French doors, the key factor you need to take into account is the space occupied around the door. French doors need a huge amount of space to completely open. However, this is not the case with bi-fold doors. It folds back in the concertina effect, which allows it to use very small space when opened.

Durable color

Timer or PVC doors tend to discolor. Well coated doors do not discolor, rust, or peel. It refers that aluminium doors offer a durable finish that does not require repainting throughout its life. In case you want a timber effect for these doors, you can color aluminium. You do not only get the boring gray color anymore but now, you can experiment with multiple colors for the aluminum doors. You can add wooden slings, hooks, metallic colored channels, and exquisite doorknobs also.

Precisely made doors

Aluminium bifold doors are made only on orders.

Offers seamless operation

Advanced bi-fold doors are made out of superb running systems. This helps the doors to slide and open fold seamlessly without requiring more force.  High-quality doors have child-safety features. It helps in preventing the fingers of the kid from getting in between the slides when doors open. Simple maintenance

The best part of these doors is that it is completely maintenance-free. For cleaning these doors, occasional wiping using damp cloth is needed. Apart from that, lubrication of lock and hinges might be frequently required.

Eco-friendly option

A very good thing about aluminium bifold doors is that it is an environment-friendly option. It can be recycled indefinite times and does not require degradation. Most of the aluminium that is produced remains in use today.

These are some of the benefits of installing aluminium bifold doors for your home. Just make sure that you select the right design and style suitable to the décor of your house.


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