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How to Bedeck Your First Apartment Unit in a Budget?

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Buying or renting your first apartment in Deira Dubai is indeed exciting but if you’re not too careful with the decoration, it can be downright painful especially with the finances. Furnishing an entire apartment unit all at once can be too expensive and difficult if you haven’t planned the budget or perhaps dealing with cross-country moving.

You might be tempted to buy furniture on credit or a payment plan however; it’ll take years to pay off the debt and likely cost you more than usual. If you’re eager enough to decorate with fresh furniture, here’re some easy ways to proceed without breaking the bank.

Bare Essentials Come First

Start with the things you’re in need of immediately that can be a bed, kitchen table or basic sofa set. Make a list of essential items, organise by keeping most important on the top and budget to proceed with actual purchase.

It’s obvious one of the most basic pieces of furniture is a bed but, it doesn’t have to be a complete bedroom suite or a headboard. A simple mattress, box spring, bed frame is all that you may need with the available budget.

Likewise, a small desk or table to work is also necessary but purchase only if you’ve the amount to buy and make it peacefully throughout the month.

Go for Second-Hand

You may hunt for second-hand items or spread the word among family and relatives for furniture that’s no longer of use to them. There’re online platforms where cheap furniture is available in comparably good condition but, do check the quality. Before bringing in used furniture, check and double check on cleanliness, pest-free pieces and bed bugs!

No matter how clean and shiny they look from above, the inner seams may have accumulated dust, dirt and debris overtime so all you need to do is vacuum and shampoo but do ensure the material won’t rot with water. Once clean, apply some polish to make it worthy of use.

Just in case used stuff isn’t your style, for a couch or furniture with neutral fabric that’s less expensive, new and can even give your unit a fresher look. Shelves and other such furniture can be repainted to fit in.

Borrow from Your Circle

Yet another feasible option if you’re too low with budget is to borrow essential furniture and items from your friends, family and relatives however; return when you get the new one for yourself. This is rather a convenient, temporary fix if you’re able to buy soon. Smaller items are easy to borrow since they can be moved conveniently.

Sales & Bargain

Shopping sales and bargain can definitely get you the right item at the right price only if you know where to look. Commemorative days come with special discounts and offers on multiple home items including furniture so you can wait for the day and but most essential things altogether on a discount.

Do it gradually

Once you’ve all the furniture must-haves, just be patient till you get the real chic pieces. Try to save a particular amount every month for furniture and once you’ve enough for all the best things, go for it but survey the market carefully for you don’t want to be scammed.

Its obvious high-quality furniture and household essentials lasts longer but they don’t come cheap. Go for the things that blends in with your new unit at the Al Barsha apartments rather than running blindly after the trendy stuff that’s expensive yet unappealing once you bring it in the home.

Simple tricks like changing the lamps, pillows and pictures, fresh paint would definitely give your room a new and appealing look without costing thousands just to make replacement. Shifting current items from one room to another would definitely work so you can give it a try.

Help yourself with the above details when it comes to buy furniture for your new unit in Al Barsha apartments.


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