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Understand the Fantastic Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Bands

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As a man with a hard job, you may have been through wedding rings after rings, some crushed, some broken and some dented. Jobs like mechanical and carpentry require you to do many works using your hand and that moment you can’t just prevent scratching up the shiny gold band. Here you need something much stronger and durable than the traditional wedding bands. If you are looking for such bands, then men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands will be the perfect option for you.

Such bands have a lot of advantages over the traditional rings — the material in stronger titanium. But when mixed with carbo, you will get a material whose strength surpassed by diamonds. Platinum, silver, diamond and golds are beautiful, but they can’t withstand the day to day use. Besides, there is a lot of benefits of using such a band. So, let’s have a look into those benefits.

Benefits of using tungsten carbide bands

A greater level of durability

There is no doubt that titanium wedding bands for men are quite durable. But tungsten carbide bands are more durable than them. Tungsten is 4 to 5 times stronger than titanium and ten times stronger than gold. The traditional metals are softer, and they change their shape with time. This brings you the first vital benefits of tungsten carbide rings. The ring will not lose its shape with time. It can’t be bend and maintains the original shape for a lifetime.

The metal is scratch proof

One of the major disadvantages of gold and platinum material is they will scratch easily. A small knock on your wedding band can create a massive scratch on your gold ring. Such rings are amazingly beautiful but can’t withstand pressure. However, with men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands, you can completely forget scathes and dents. Remember that the bands will not fade or scratch under day to day use. Use the rings the way you want.

Keeps the shine for a lifetime

Another greatest thing about tungsten carbide bands is they can hold the natural shine for years, even for a lifetime. The finishing that you will get on the band will not fade with time. However, gold, especially white gold, loses its finish with time. The titanium rings come with their natural shine, which never fades away.

Just a little maintenance is enough to keep the band running for years. The shine of the ring is quite elegant. These products are self-polishing. The rings can come with some additional coatings. For instance, for golden tone, the rings can be coated with zirconium. Besides, you can even add laser engraving inside and outside the tungsten bands.

How to choose a perfect sized wedding band?

When buying titanium wedding bands for men or tungsten wedding band, the one thing which gets lost in is how does the ring fit. Well, tungsten bands come with domed comfort fit finish. That means they will be a little large. So, while buying one choose a ring with is a ½ size smaller than the ring that you generally use. Choosing a perfect size matters the most as you can’t alter the size later.

Tungsten carbide rings come in a variety of styles

The shape of a men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands can range from pipe cut, to doomed, to concave and more. When it comes to finishing of the bands, you can from brushed, inlay, polished, laser engraved and soft satin finishing. Talking about colours, the bands are available in silver, black, light, silver, and gold plated.

The tungsten carbide bands offer an appealing look. They are perfect for every occasion and can make you the centre of attraction. So, go for it.


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