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Telugu Wedding Customs and Traditions

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Hundreds of individuals attain their respective marriageable age after a certain point of time. This is the occasion when they like to get married to their most compatible life partners. Once an individual has to go through a Telugu matrimony login, especially when he joins a leading online Telugu matrimonial site, he is allowed to take part in his own search of a compatible life partner. Today, you have ample opportunities to be a part of a leading Telugu wedding site so that you can lead a normal and happy married life.

Like any other online matrimony, Telugumatrimony happens to be quite best and different as compared to any other weddings. This is the reason why most leading online Telugu matrimonial sites have become famous among millions of their users worldwide. In this post, we are going to let you know about different types of Telugu wedding rituals that happen to be an integral part of their weddings without which it becomes impossible to accomplish a wedding successfully.

Now, please take a look at some of the most viable Telugu wedding rituals that are sacred and an integral part of a Telugu wedding:


Well, this is also known as the formal engagement ceremony in a Telugu wedding where the wedding date is generally fixed and finally announced. Now, after the wedding date is fixed and announced, the next step happens to be the discussion of the wedding. Here, both the respective families exchange gifts and decide their wedding dates as well.


Pellikuthuru is one of the most sacred rituals in Telugu wedding. The above ceremony takes place at both the bride and the groom’s house where closed family members are allowed to present. This ritual is quite similar to the Haldi ceremony where the bride’s hands and feet are applied with turmeric powder and oil. It’s soon followed by a holy bath and then both the bride and the groom wear new clothes.


Well, the above ceremony generally takes place at the groom’s place where he has to wear the holy silver thread soon after taking the holy bath like before. This ritual suggests that the groom is now ready to go ahead and us ready to take the wedding vows. Like other rituals, this is also quite a crucial one that can’t be ignored or skipped.

Kashi Yatra

In Tamil weddings, this ritual happens to be quite similar to the Kashi Yatra where the groom has to pretend that he is not ready for the wedding and therefore likes to head for Kashi Yatra. And so, he is not at all interested in this wedding. Finally, he is stopped by the bride’s father and the brother.

Mangal Sanan

This ritual actually takes place in the morning hours of the wedding day. On this auspicious occasion, both the bride and the groom have to take the holy bath. And soon after that, both of them have to participate in the aarti.

Gauri & Ganesh Pooja

Well, the above ceremony generally takes place at the bride’s house where she has to offer prayers to both Gauri and Ganesh. Not only that, but the bride also seeks blessings from God to keep their married life happy and prosperous as ever. This is one of the mandatory rituals that have to be performed by both the bride and the groom. In the same ways, the groom also has to perform prayers to Ganesh where he seeks blessings from God. Both of them have to pray from God to ward off all kinds of evil spirits.


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