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Question Not to Ask Before Arrange Marriage

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Arrange marriage is one of the foremost concepts in India, so first meeting before arrange marriage is the only way to know each other. It is a formal meeting to discuss some points for future life. As we know that in a arrange marriage system, elders of the family fix everything. Choosing a Life Partner is the big decision of your life because you are going to choose your prospective partner who will follow you for a long life until death. So clearing all your doubts before marriage is necessary, but there are some questions which should not be asked in the first meeting. These questions can only be asked in the second or third meeting in an indirect way because the purpose of the first meeting is to know each other’s personality only and nothing else.

Questions should avoid asking their future life partner in a First Arrange Marriage

Money or earning source

To know the financial status is good for a happy married life, but asking the bank balance status in a first meeting is not a genuine thing. So try to never ask this question in a first arranged marriage meeting. Always remember that you can’t buy happiness from the money. If you like someone and left due to the lack of money, that is not a good thing for you.

Past Relationship

Asking about the past relationship can ruin the moment or maybe upset him. So don’t ask them about their past. Leave your past life because you are going to start a new life.

Momma’s boy?

You can’t ask a boy “you are a momma’s boys”. It is good to care for our parents. One should be neutral in day to day life and relationships, but still asking whether a boy is Momma’s boys or not is not mature enough

Whom do you dislike in your family?

This is a totally silly question to know that whom does s/he dislike in your family. This question seems like you are poking nose in his family matters. 

Confirming the Statements

Many people have a nature of taking conversations in a rehearsed manner. When someone is being too nice, sweet then a person can think if his / her or talks are prepared or truly from the heart. Sometimes the things are too good to be true but still, it’s not wise to ask if s/he said the same things to other persons in their life or marriage meetings

Final Words:

Marriage is the decision which can’t be finalized on the behalf few question or aspects. So take your time before any decision. Visit for NRI Life Partner.


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