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Bill Gates is a father of three beautiful children and among them the youngest one and second daughter is Phoebe Adele Gates, she was born on September 14, 2002 at Washington, USA. Phoebe is a born celebrity kid she is from one of the most recognizable and best known families in the world as her father is an American Businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, founder of Microsoft Corporation and the world’s most influential and one  of the  richest person.

Phoebe Adele Gates live with her family on a property which worth’s more than $ 120 million which is named as Xanadu 2.0. the house is full of comforts with large display walls that can be changed with a push of a button, it also has a hall for 200 guests, a huge library, a home theater which can accommodate 20 guests, a huge swimming pool with an underwater surround system there is no end to the wows and wonders of where this celebrity kid lives with his parents Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, elder sister Jennifer Katharine Gates and brother RoryJohn Gates.

Just like her father who is an avid reader she also like reading books at present phoebe is studying at Professional Children’s School New York. She is interested in art and Ballet so she tries to attend art classes at Lincoln Center of performing arts in New York City and The Julliard School, Lincoln center for performing arts in theater, music, dance and writing though she is a daughter of a wealthiest father she is trying hard to fulfill her dreams and passion, at present she is studying and its not decided that in future will she be following her father’s footstep or she will pursue her dreams of performing arts.

Phoebe is tall, fair and slim like other female members of her family she is beautiful and in her mid-teenage, she is much active on social media sites and has 31.3 k Instagram followers, she often shares beautiful pictures of her family on social media. She is not dating anyone at present officially as she is much focused on her career rather than getting involved in any kind of relationship

She has great fashion sense and makes head turn when she has to make any public appearance she loves travelling and trying new food. Children at her age love mobiles and gadgets but she is far away from that and actually enjoying her life like a teenage. She enjoys her father’s wealth thoroughly flying in private air jets, vacationing at beaches, wears designer clothes and gains media attention.

The net worth of Phoebe Adele Gates is $10 million as the parents have already announced that their children will receive only 1% of the total wealth and 99% of wealth will be donated to Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to eradicate poverty all around the globe and support other welfare causes.

Bill Gates believe that all his children must seek knowledgeand forge their path of success.


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