Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

BMW Maintenance Tips You Must Know

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Do you like taking long road trips in the BMW? You must take good care of it then. Some tips might help here.

The summer season is well known for by high mobility & various trips, especially by car. Most of you prefer travelling with the family to different destinations to escape the daily routine. Even if you own the BMW and move in your favorite vehicle, you need to take good care of it as well. Once you’re done with you joyous road tips and the summer is over, it’s imperative to pay attention to certain aspects of your BMW in order to make sure it functions properly. For obvious reasons, safety & should not be limited to summer only.

Hundreds of kilometers traveled under high temperatures, displacements with more weight than usual, new roads make your BMW suffer considerable wear in the summer, paint, upholstery and tires. Perhaps that’s the reason why you need to pay attention before, during, and above all, after the road trips. Here‚Äôre the different components of your BMW that should be reviewed after the holidays. So let’s dive in;


Before & during the trips, you must check the pressure & irregular wear. When you reach home, just check whether the tires have reached the maximum mileage or not and don’t miss out the tread depth. Besides, the blowouts, cuts, irregular wear are other elements to consider must not be left untouched.


Since the summer is known for high temperatures, a considerable amount of evaporation is going to occur in the daytime. So don’t miss out the check the fluids of your car since you want to make the most out of your vehicle. Fluids of the engine, transmission and brakes must be checked regularly as it has a lot to do with the performance.

Body Paint

Although there are recommendations to protect your BMW from the high sun exposure, make sure you get your car washed having a protective layer applied like a high gloss. This way, not only your BMW will look better but also will keep a little more its residual value.

The same goes with the upholstery; tinted windows are the best option. And don’t forget to special products for dashboard & upholstery will keep them longer, and better.

Hidden Dirt

You might have returned from these beautiful locations like Mountains and Beaches, but your BMW still carries a lot of them somewhere inside. Don’t believe me? Check it yourself! The beach & mountain are still present in the undersides of your car, mudguards, axle tips, tires, exhaust and the lower engine where the dirt is hidden. If you think of salt or mud, the effects on the paint/body can be remarkable.

Climate control

Since there is a lot of external heat, air conditioner usage during the summer is triggered. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the gas level and correct operation of the air conditioning system. To make sure that your BMW’s air conditioning system works correctly, just keep up with the regular and thorough inspection. In case you come across any problem with the AC, just drive to the best BMW Service in Dubai.


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