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5 Foolproof College Essay Tips

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College essays tend to become the most crucial part for a student seeking an admission for their higher studies, abroad. With this one apt college essay, you hold the perfect chance to essay not just a piece of work but, also a piece of your dream and aspirations.

Rightly tackling the essay making process and drafting the one based on the strategic perspective of the requirements of the college and your idea gives you the best way to create one.

In order to get a foolproof college essay, you also need to remain foolproof with your understanding and following some of the prescribed college essay writing tips.

Here are the 5 foolproof college essay writing tips to abide by:-


The beginning is always a difficult one but, not impossible. So, start your essay with the most essential and highly crucial part for framing your essay- BRAINSTORMING. Yes! This will not just help you leave behind fear of beginning but, will also help with a lot of information and statistical data collection as well. Apart from the topic related brainstorming, you also need to carefully brainstorm your personality traits and define them is the perfect way, as and when needed.

Divide complete essay into three parts

Never write a complete essay that starts from somewhere and ends nowhere. This will simply keep you jumbled without giving the right place to represent yourself. For this, make sure to divide your entire essay into three major parts-

Introduction: A paragraph that will introduce your essay

Body: Combines more than one paragraph to explain the main idea of the essay with portrayed examples

Conclusion: A paragraph that will summarize the entire essay, precisely

Stay specific, proof read and make corrections continuously

Whenever, you begin an essay, make sure to keep in mind what your essay focuses on. This can be done by figuring out the question presented and reading it one than once. Once figured out, make sure to present your ideas in a specific form rather than circling the globe. Taking a specific angle you can very deliver your ideas in the best way to the readers. Each time you finish a paragraph, make sure to proofread and make the required corrections on a continuous basis. This will really help in delivering your viewpoint and also avoiding any probable mistakes, as well.

First draft creation, chunk work and feedback

Once you have gathered enough of your notes based on the outline prescribed, organized your essay and also included your examples at the right place, this is the first draft of your essay. Congratulations! You have successfully created the first draft! Never worry and focus on making it perfect just go with the flow. Always work in chunks to create your draft. Let the ideas flow and keep jotting them down on paper. Once this is done, you can now you’re your mistakes and also get a feedback from third party that may include your friends, guide and even a member of your family.

Find a creative angle

Creativity is always the essence of every write-up created! So, make sure you are creative enough to impress your readers. Always try to grab a creative form of delivering your idea as this will automatically catch attention and also deliver your ideology in the best way.

These a few known best essay writing tips that will definitely help you work on your college essays in a foolproof manner.

All the best!


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