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3 Colors to Distinguish Your Bridal Squad from the Rest

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Your D-day will not be completed without your besties. From college roommates to sisters, your friends have played a significant role in your life. Now, it is the time for them to stand by you while you will exchange ring with your dream guy and start a new journey of life. Being the bride-to-be, it is your responsibility to make sure that each of your bridesmaids looks radiant on your special day.

Are you wondering how to make that sure? By choosing the right hue for their dresses, they will look beautiful when they will walk down the aisle with you. If you are struggling to find the color that will complement your wedding dress, as well as the theme, then let the bridesmaids help. Do you want to choose random colors for bridesmaid dresses or want to distinguish your bridal squad by letting them ensemble themselves in a different hue? If the second one is what you want, then take a look at a few different colors of bridesmaid dresses.

Whether you want to invest a good amount for buying these dresses or looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses, these colors will be suitable for your bridesmaids.

Neutral dresses

Neutral-colored dresses are currently rising in popularity. Champagne, taupe, and nude-colored dresses are perfect for any reason. They are subtle but beautiful. While these colors may not draw the eye as much as the bold colors, they blend with any theme, as well as can be paired with an accent shade. In case you choose neutral colored dresses, you have the opportunity to add beautiful jewelry, belts, and shoes without worrying about it will clash with the gown. In order to add a bit more interest to your bridal party, dress each of your crew members in a different neutral color, and create a light and airy palette.

Blush dresses

Pink is universally feminine color. If you want to deck your bridal squad in this graceful color, then you should try to find out the shade that will complement each of your bridesmaid’s complexions. This color is suitable for both dark and light skin tones. Moreover, this color can easily pair up with any type of metal. Silver, rose gold, and yellow gold all look beautiful with this light pink color. By opting for this hue for bridesmaid dresses, you also have your choice of flowers combination. For a more rustic wedding, pair these dresses with succulent bouquets and baby’s breath. As this look is a bit more casual, choose a blush gown that’s not too structured. Whether you opt for a knee-length gown or something flowy and long, your bridesmaids will look absolutely stunning.

Muted bridesmaid dresses

Mauves, pale lavenders, and even muted bridesmaid dresses are a great way to make a statement no matter where your wedding takes place. While traditionally thought of for a spring wedding, these elegant and mature colors are perfect for any backdrop. While pale orange is suitable for Autumn, sunset color is perfect for late summer and early fall. Dusty blues pair perfectly with summer wildflowers, as do pale purples. No matter how they prefer to wear these colors, they will look absolutely stunning.

Along with the mentioned ones, you can also choose dark blue, mauve, white, cream, black and burgundy bridesmaid dresses. As these colors are not usually chosen for bridesmaid dresses, your crew members will feel special. Moreover, they can even wear these dresses for other functions. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a reputable online or offline shop and buy suitable dresses for your crew members to wear on your D-day.

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Liza Browne, a popular fashion blogger on different types of bridal wears like cheap bridesmaid dresses, here writes on a few unique colors including blush and burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

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