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Explained: Why Is Dedicated Server Hosting Best For Large And E-Commerce Sites?

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Dedicated Server Hosting

Explained: Why Is Dedicated Server Hosting Best For Large And E-Commerce Sites?

When your business was small, the shared web-hosting was enough to handle a small number of visitors which were coming to the site. But when your business grows and the number of visitors increases, your existing hosting plan may not be sufficient to handle it. It is when you should consider upgrading to dedicated windows server.

What Is Dedicated Server?

It is the best solution for large businesses and the high traffic-websites. When you go for one, you can customize it, configure it and install it in the way you want. The dedicated servers are meant to perform, and they are intended for high-intensity workloads and offer you control that you need. Here are some key benefits of having one:

No Capital Expenditure is required

When you go for a dedicated server, your company will not have to buy the hardware upfront to pay for the repairs or the routine maintenance. Instead, you will pay a flat fee and leave the management of the server to the hosting provider. It offers two-fold advantages. First, you will not have to the high-end server, and moreover, you will not have to worry about equipment failures. While you have all the control of the server, the monitoring and the management of the server are handled by hosting provider.

Get More Resources

When the number of visitors on your site increases, the resource crunch of shared hosting offers two key challenges:

  • Slow Loading Speed of Pages
  • Unavailable pages

These issues are there because of low transfer bandwidth. When you go for a dedicated hosting plan, you will get bandwidth in Terabytes which is large enough handle the increased number of visitors coming to the site.

When you have dedicated and more RAM in the server it makes sure that the frequently visited are cached in it and is readily available to cater to the data requests. In the same way, the large files or videos that are there in the site can be stored locally in the RAM for frequent access by the visitors.

Another advantage of a dedicated server is that they come with sufficiently large HDD. You can also use the server for storing all the data and website files in one place.

With a large number of dedicated resources, your web hosting will never run out of funds. It means that you will never get messages about ‘resource overrun’ from the shared hosting provider.

Better Performance

When you have your server, it puts you in control of the online future.  You will be able to set the things the way you want. You will have a few unexpected things happening in any month. The resources that you get in the form of a dedicated hosting plan can be managed by your team as and when needed by them.

There are minimal performance issues with a dedicated windows server and sky is the limit when it comes to performance. The website will never face any challenge like high bounce rates. In this way, your visitors will never get agitated because they were not able to access the site.

Scalability Is Never an Issue

When resource demand grows, it is easy to customize your servers. The hosting provider handles all the details and will enhance the resources as needed by you.

More Uptime

Dedicated servers are backed up by the high uptime service level guarantees. The SLA can vary but the superior hardware combined with built-in redundancy and numerous layers of the security give the ultimate peace of mind when going for a dedicated server. 100% network uptime and hardware replacement SLA that is backed by a money-back guarantee are what your large enterprise website needs.

Enhanced Security

Data security are a top priority for any business. When you go for a dedicated IP address, it helps you in going for SSL certificate. It comes with enhanced security that is much needed for a credit card transaction. It also brings the reliability and trust that is required by the customers of your site.

Operating System of Choice

If you need dedicated server windows to host and maintain your ASP.NET website, you can quickly get it. However, you will have to see what other benefits that are offered with it.

24X7 Tech Support

A dedicated windows server comes with round the clock tech support which is very much needed in case of any technical issue.  Usually, this support is provided by all the channels whether it is mail, chat or telephone.

In the End

When you go for a dedicated windows server, you will get better uptime, scalability and added security that needs to run you large scale or e-commerce site smoothly.


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