Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

6 Things to Consider When Searching for a Reseller Hosting Plan

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Reseller Hosting

If you are on a lookout for a web hosting package, then the last thing that you might have looked at is a reseller hosting plan in India. It is a good way to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey. Though you may think that these plans are only for individuals who wish to sell hosting packages, the reality is otherwise. It is not the case; many people are eligible to gain benefits from a reseller hosting package plan. And there is a good chance that it is the right option for you also. It is also one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your own business. If you are determined to start, it is crucial that you select the best reseller hosting plan that can allow you to complete manageability, best features and enjoy many other benefits at the best prices possible.

Here are a few things you should take into account when searching for the best reseller hosting in India.

Uptime Score:

The reseller hosting plan you want to pick should guarantee a good uptime score. This should be on your first checklist. As a reseller, it is indispensable to choose 24/7 operating web host that has the potential to operate on powerful servers and stable network connections. The minimum uptime score should be above 99.5% percent. This is because an uptime score below this may lead to carry a negative impact on your customer’s business.

Storage Space

If you have more than one or two websites, then you may be planning to sign up for many different web hosting packages in order to make sure you are equipped with enough storage space and bandwidth for each site. But, this can be of so much of expense and difficult to handle. That’s why you should opt for the best Linux reseller hosting package. You can create and host as many websites as you wish. With this, you don’t have several different accounts to try to juggle; you can save money and easily manage your sites.

Customizable Packages:

Every business or individual has unique requirements. So, as a business, you should be hunting for a customized package. The plan that you want should have assigned bandwidth, emails, disk space, along with several domains to it. Before going to choose a package, you should estimate the growth of your business. Also, you must focus on your target audience. This will help you decide the bandwidth or storage space. Thus, you will be able to understand what you eventually need.

To meet your needs of the hour, check whether you are able to find a customizable reseller hosting package. A customizable plan can help you scale the services as per your needs. Also, check if your website hosting partner can provide you with up gradation option. No doubt as for the time passage, your business will expand. Your business will grow over some time. In such a case, you will need to upgrade your reseller hosting plans also. Thus, always look for a customizable hosting package that can scale up and scale down according to requirements.

Customer Support:

When choosing a reseller hosting provider, make sure the company is ready to provide you with sound customer support. You should look for round the clock support and quick response in any business. This makes a sound grievance redressal and a robust client support system. The service provider must guarantee to offer you sound customer support. In spite of everything, you are the face of the parent web host in the reseller hosting business. Remember that the parent web host controls all critical backend processes. The service provider should be able to offer you one-on-one contact and support and fix issues instantly.

Regular Maintenance:

The parent web hosting should have the potential to look after timely hardware startup, pushing software updates, and implement security measures efficiently. In order to ensure proper uptime, make sure 24×7 operating servers. The service provider must make sure DDOS mitigation services, Hyper Availability (H/A) with multiple redundancies and custom Firewall configuration.


Whether you want to Linux reseller hosting or WordPress web hosting, one common thing is to always look for certain reviews given by customers. Make sure what clients are saying about the hosting company that you are about to choose. Look for an upstream host that comes with perfect and positive reviews.


Thus, follow the critical points given above to pick the best and most reliable reseller hosting company. Many companies in India are providing reseller hosting at the best prices.


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