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Why Selecting Keywords Are So Important For Your Blog – SEO Blog Tips

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Choosing keywords is not simply Job. Random picking of keywords generally ends in the lack of traffic and lack of sales. Following are some points to consider before choosing the keywords to target with your website.

Search Volume

You need to know which keywords get frequent searches through the major search engines. There is no point in targeting a keyword with a very little amount of search. Only the keywords that will generate good traffic to keep your business running are required. So you’ll need to target the high volume keywords that can bring you the increase in traffic and sales that you desire.

It is not very difficult to get approximate keyword search volume statistics. Google, Yahoo & MSN all have several free tools that will show this data, though their accuracy is somewhat limited. For more precise predictions, you may want to consider investing in some paid keyword tools. Best SEO Company can help you out in this matter.


Just targeting keywords with the most search volume is not enough. You will not automatically get great search engine rankings. Higher volume keywords of a particular category are usually very competitive. When a keyword has high competition, your website needs to be more relevant and useful other similar websites that have targeted that keyword.

To make the search engines think that your website is more relevant for a particular keyword that keyword has to be used wisely throughout your website. Apart from that, you need to link your website with many other quality websites using the targeted keyword as the link anchor text. Since keywords have different competitive degrees, you only should be targeting those that have a realistic possibility to get you good rankings. You need to consider your resources, time and SEO knowledge.


When you begin to prepare a list of potential keywords, you will notice that some keywords are very much relevant and some are relevant but not as strong as others. Obviously, you should pick the keywords that have the most amount of relevancy to your website.

For each potential keyword, make sure you are not offering something other than what the users want. You can try to make an educated guess about what is the percentage of users that are likely looking for what you exactly have to offer. Usually, if the keyword has broad meaning then the less relevant it is. A keyword with a more precise meaning will usually convert better because the searcher is totally aware of exactly what he wants. They are known as pre-qualified potential customers.

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