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Must Follow Web Design Trends For 2019

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With the growing demand of the websites in the current era there are loads of variations which the website industry is confronting right now. There have been a revolutionary change in the way consumers are demanding and again the websites are being designed. Let’s have a look at some of the most demanded websites design prototypes which are widely asked for by the people.

Top Latest Web Design Trends for 2019

1- Full Background site

Leaving behind those simple designs with all the tabs at the top, the next gen is demanding the full banner website. It is the design where a single image covers the entire background and rest of the tabs are drawn over it. It looks appealing and with an HD image overlaying the space the website looks really glossy and elite. It is one of the widely demanded and used prototypes.

2- Infographic Websites:

Getting an image for the website is a costly affair at times. As an original image for the website costs a good sum. Any image which holds any rights being are subject to market risks and can be removed if ever caught. In order to prevent this dilemma to hit back an infographic based website is an easier approach. It is informative and again helps the designer to plot a story. It doesn’t hold any copyright or infringement issues and can be delivered easily.

The prime reason behind making an infographic website is that they help to plot a story. The website appears like a story book in front of people. It is eye catching and carries an enthusiastic behavior. It has been observed that infographic content have higher audience engagement than any of the image.

3- Large Text Based Design:

Fading away the images the next idea of web design is to create a simple and subtle looking websites plainly based on large texts. It helps the designer to lock the users attention and is easy to catch hold them. They are easy to make and are lesser complicated than any of them. It is meaningful and straight, right next to the point.

4- Custom Image Design: 

These kinds of art based websites are common amongst photography lovers. They like to showcase their design right from the beginning and use some of their art works as a background design. The images used are some of the self-clicked or designed prints out for show case with people.

5- Typography: 

After infographic even typography is in huge count. The only difference between both of them is that infographic websites are based on the flow of images and typography is pure text. The imperative role is of text. The way in which they are mentioned is stunning itself to look at.

The web has never been great at utilizing text styles – for the most part in light of the fact that web sort units have dependably been too costly to be in any way utilized by anybody yet the huge and prosperous organizations. On the other hand, the circumstance is changing: there are numerous either shabby or totally free units that anybody can utilize. 

6- Grid View Websites: 

Following a different pattern, a new type added to the design of the websites are grid view websites. They are aligned in the form of grids and give the user a unique look. It is much similar to the alignment of apps in your phone. 

7- Card-Based Design 

On the off chance that you’ve ever utilized Pinterest you recognize what card-based design is. Also, as per various tech sources, it is the place the eventual fate of the web lies. The Cards are easy to adjust to different screen sizes, they look perfect and straightforward, they are easy to control and to make customized web encounters for each client specifically – at the end of the day, they are extremely popular today, and it feels like they are all around acknowledged as building squares for the web of tomorrow.

8- Interactive Storytelling 

Another prominent school of thought in web design expresses that websites ought to serve as a medium of telling the guest a story. Configuration ought to take the most critical parts of the brand being referred to and manufacture an account around it, impacting the guest sincerely and stylishly in the meantime. It is difficult to accomplish, however, it is the place all the huge players are going. 

9- Scrolling, not Clicking 

Cell phones are again to accuse – it is much less demanding to scroll when utilizing a cell phone, and modern design is all based on it. In 2019 we are prone to see more websites choosing scrolling over and utilizing single big pages against spreading the crucial data among many pages associated with connections. 

Obviously, these nine point are in no way, shape or form thorough, nor is it sure: a few patterns may not come to anything, while we can experience others, still obscure ones. Be that as it may, these nine are verging on sure to rise at the top.


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