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How to Use User-Generated Content in Marketing

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UGC In Today’s Marketing World

User-generated content (UGC) is the content created by the users rather than the brands. When someone posts anything on the internet about the product or the services, that content is user-generated content.

UGC can be in any form – photos, videos, texts, and reviews. For brands, Instagram and Twitter are the main sources of user-generated content.

Benefits Of UGC

Build Trust

In present times, before buying any product or service, most buyers refer to the reviews of products they wish to buy. Only after they are fully satisfied with the reviews of the product they wish to buy, they make the final purchase decision.

These user-generated reviews help you to build user trust which helps you to generate potential leads.

Embedding social feeds or reviews of your product on your website really helps you to built trust.

Lead Generation

The biggest benefit of using user-generated content is, it helps in lead generation.

Studies have shown that using user-generated content on your website, helps you in lead generation. UGC directly impact the user’s mind in a positive way and this leads them to but the product.

Boost Organic Reach

Embedding user-generated content boost your organic reach. The search engine also prefers the user-generated content. Hence the organic reach increases.

When you embed UGC on your website, it increases the user interaction and the bounce rate decreases. This also helps to boost the organic reach.

How We Can Use UGC For Marketing Purpose

You can embed social feeds from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc on your website. When you embed social feeds on your website it engages the users and helps in building trust towards your brand.

You can also display user-generated content in the big events by making social walls. It helps in displaying what the users think about your brand on the big screen.

Taggbox is the best tool for creating social walls. It also helps in embedding feeds on your website. Taggbox is easy to use the tool and comes with many advanced features like moderation, banner creation, full screen-announcement, etc.

Taggshop, a tool of Taggbox helps you in embedding shoppable social media post on your website.


Marketing has evolved a lot in the past few decades. You have to stay updated if you want to grow. User-generated content is one of the latest updates. You need to learn the art of using UGC to grow your business.

Taggbox is the solution of UGC. It aggregates social media content and helps you in embedding on your website for better user experience.


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