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How To Display Live Instagram Feeds In Events And It’s Benefits

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Instagram is the second home to people these days. People prefer spending their time online reading feeds. In a day, more than 80 million photos are uploaded on Instagram. Businesses are getting their strong hand on social media with their digital marketing strategies. But, here is what a brand needs to get their A-game with Instagram. 

Social media is where all your customers flaunt your products. Give them a hashtag with your product, and it will empower your brand digitally. At events, UGC can do magic, with several instant results and impacts they could create later. 

Here, we will discuss the ideas of live Instagram feed displays offered as Instagram hashtag Slideshow or Instagram walls.

Possible Events with an Instagram Feed Display

All! Let it be a concert, conference, festivals, seminars, wedding, or a public carnival, the scope and intention of a social wall can go beyond your expectations. Nowadays, event managers have been including social media displays to optimize the digital reach. No matter how small or big are the screens, social media aggregators have got your back with all the configurations as per requirements. The endless possibilities of taking your event’s publicity across the globe are within the smartphones of its attendees.

An Instagram feed display at every crowded point of your event can turn on the attendees’ excitement by showcasing their photos. A hashtag to add with, these posts shared by your brand’s followers can engage them to make great digital fame for you. 

Let’s see how an Instagram wall will benefit an event.

1. Seize the selfies

Who doesn’t wish to see themselves on a big screen?

As you recreate the venue to make it interesting, let the attendees enjoy their time by taking selfies and participating. Or give them a reason to take selfies with a hashtag. With every selfie being uploaded on Instagram, it gets showcased on the social wall to seek other’s attention. 

As the selfies and photos get displayed on the wall, other followers from the venue and at home also get encouraged to be seen on the screen. This is how you can make the most of the event and its attendees with an Instagram wall.

2. Techie Aura

A tech-savvy aura for the tech-savvy people!

An atmosphere with digitally emphasized technology and social media is what people love to stick to. With a tool like a social wall, there is nothing better to involve your followers at the event. Interactive features of a real-time digital display can help bring your attendees together to communicate with each other and let them focus on the reason for which the event is organized.

3. Screenception

This term came into existence at an event with a social wall! 

As we discussed ‘seizing the selfies’, this term is related to the same. It stands for the image of the photo displayed on the social wall clicked by the attendee, which is yet again shared on the social wall. When the excitement level of the attendees is double, it can give you twice the engagement. It can also be considered as engagement driving engagement!

4. Centralize the Sponsor

Delight your sponsors by giving them a central spot!

With the use of Instagram walls in your events, you can grab your dream sponsors. The tech-driven social media aggregators offer space to include the sponsor banners alongside the social walls. The bigger screens can also promote the event sponsors with interactive contests and other user-centric campaigns. 

5. Pre and Post Event Awareness

Make the people who missed the event realize what they have missed! 

When the attendees start posting on Instagram about the event and the activities going within, the ones seeing them in their feed will get to know what they are missing. Assure to re-share the most appealing posts with the followers of your brand to let them know to never miss any events from you in the future. Raising awareness about the event before and after to make your followers aware of what is coming and what is happening.

6. UGC Collection for Marketing Materials

What you create now is for the future as well!

As you keep an archive of the posts and images shared by the attendees at the event, the feed on the social wall can help you collect the content for future marketing purposes. The happy moments shared on the Insta wall at a wedding reception can be a matter for the wedding album. The videos people shared while at a music festival can create some genuine scenes for the after the movie. 

Explore the Experience

Now, as you have explored multiple dimensions of possibilities with integrating Instagram feed display at events, experience the progress by partnering up with the top social media aggregators in the market.

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a UGC platform and delivers a range of social media aggregating tools inclusive of the most interactive Instagram wall for your events. The responsive configuration lets you display the Instagram wall on any screen, let it be big or small, or even on mobile phones. Be it a rocking music festival or an educational conference; they have multiple designs suitable for every type of event to make it exciting and elemental.


The Instagram wall offered by lets you thrive via social media using a unique hashtag to represent your brand. They strategically collect the user-generated content by filtering them to make sure a boost in engagement and profitability.


Insta feed display from Tint is developed to give your attendees a great digital experience by gaining more engagement. Their vision is to deliver a platform to use UGC to provide additional exposure to your brand to make your marketing strategy advanced.


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