Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Are Dedicated Location Pages the Best SEO Option for SMEs?

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For search engine optimization experts this may seem to be a tricky situation to address. One of the main reasons for this is that this question represents two completely contradictory perspectives for business websites. In this article, you will learn more about the procedures that are involved in using location pages and their connection with SMEs.

Creating location pages which are city specific:

A lot of local business ventures have had astounding success by the use of local SEO procedures in their business websites. They will create separate pages for different cities in which they would like to establish their business in. They will write content which is unique regarding the type of services that can work in these locations. The key to success here is in the use of unique content. The main goal here would be to let the customers know about the fact that although you do not have any specific branch in their area but you would be available online and in any neighboring town. It will be quite useful for services for which people would be willing to travel like in the case of car dealerships, specialty medical care services, retail malls and so on. IT will not however work well in the case of business ventures like individual stores, restaurants and software companies because people do not like travelling for such services.  It is important that you should gain rankings for city specific searches as well but it will still do your business better if you have some physical location in a certain area. The local business centers with physical sites would push the organic rankings and traffic of the business ventures which do not have such physical sites.

Obtaining local links

It is also quite strongly recommended to business owners to try and get as many local links as you can in the specific areas where you would want to be serving in. This will help you to become a part of the local community. This will work generally when this specific area is somewhere nearby. For instance if you want to serve in an area where there is already an well established strong competitor and where you do not have a physical site, then you should consider holding events, providing free samples, organizing social awareness programs, sponsor schools and so on because these will help you in becoming a part of that local community.


Local search engine optimization is one of the main stages of establishing a new business venture. IF you want to expand your business into new areas then you should invest in having local packages page because that can help in making the user trust your business venture in the beginning. You must try to obtain trust of the local community by investing in several social events and programs which will help you become accepted in that community. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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