Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

7 Top Qualities of a Successful Software Developer

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Do you know what? I have BIG yet surprising news for all of the developers out there. Would you like to know what it is? Here we go! According to Evans Data Corporation, there were 23 million software developers in 2018. By the end of the 2019, the number is expected to reach 26.4 million and a staggering 27.7 million until 2023. However, how many of these are really successful ones? It’s a fact that a successful software developer is not just any but the one with pertinent qualities. So what should you look for when hiring one for your company?

  1. Has a Technical Mindset

It is fair to say you cannot be a software developer if you don’t have enough technical expertise to code anything. However, a successful software developer is the one who knows how to convert the knowledge and expertise into productive solutions. The road to becoming a great programmer requires years of practice with a handful of diverse technologies. Similarly, it takes cognitive skills and logic to deal with any programming challenges that may arise. If you are looking to hire a great software developer, you should not only focus on the technical qualifications or knowledge of the candidate, but how well one can convert it in optimal solutions.

  1. Possess appropriate analytical skills

Analytical skills are just as important as technical expertise. A great software developer thinks about the outcome more than the output, with major focus on the end user of the software. In any organization, the employee should be able to make decisions on the feet, in case of emergencies. In the similar way, a software developer should know how to use logic and existing information to solve both complex and simple problems. There are many freelance software developers who offer their services for peanuts like $7. You may think it is efficient to hire developers for cheap. However, they only do what they are instructed to do so. Instead, if you hire a full-time competent programmer, he will be able to look at your needs much efficiently and work accordingly.

  1. Have great communication skills

While it may seem as something less important, it is very crucial for the success of a software developer. Great communication skills make it easier to convey your ideas and understand what others are saying. Similarly, it allows software developers to pick up concepts quickly. The best ones simply don’t rely on written documentation to understand what they have to do. It is not only important to know how to communicate with technical staff. Instead, one should be able to explain any technical topic to non-technical peers as well. As a recruiter, you will only be able to judge the communication skills of a software developer through a face-to-face meeting.

  1. Should be a team player

There are many programmers who work as lone-wolves. However, in an organization, a product is built by collective efforts of the entire team. This means a successful software developer is the one who knows how to work in a team for developing a program. A great team player also treats everyone with respect, provides help to peers and communicates well with people from all kinds of fields. Regardless of the profession, the work ethics are same for every organization. When hiring a software developer, you should ask appropriate questions from the candidates to understand their philosophy of working with others.

  1. Adapts well and is flexible

Another skill important for anyone in this field is to continuously learn about new technologies and their uses. There are times when even the top-notch, professional software developers don’t know answers to certain technical issues. A great software developer doesn’t settle down in such cases. Instead, he/she will talk with the right people and look for appropriate resources to find optimal solutions. Similarly, a software developer doesn’t get intimidated with technological advances in the field. He/she will invest in learning about new things and continuously upgrading their skills. This can also be judged in an interview by asking appropriate case-related questions.

  1. Knows how to manage time

Only the best software developers know how to manage their time and complete their tasks. You can expect them to show up on time in meetings and never compromise with deadlines. This means that while hiring, you should look for those candidates who know how to manage their time, tasks and clients together, without you managing their work. The best way to judge this is to hire the developers on a probation period. In this way, the team leader and manager will be able to judge the candidates’ competency and work skills before making a decision of hiring them.

  1. Has a positive attitude

Great software developers care about the company’s performance and progress. This means they work hard to make sure they perform well in their job. They approach their work with a positive mindset, instead of considering it as a burden. In the same way, great employees do not let their ego get in their way and take any kind of feedback in a positive way. There are times when even the best programmers make mistakes and the best approach is to accept them.

Finally, the best software developer will be the one who is creative, innovative and thinks outside the box. If you are a software developer yourself, do you have all the qualities mentioned above?


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