Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Why You Should Choose Cord Blood Banking?

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There are various reasons to choose cord blood banking, but one of the significant reasons is that it helps to protect your baby from more than 80 diseases. And the number is expected to continue to grow. Beyond the current treatments, clinical trials for using cord blood in strokes, heart disease, diabetes and many other regenerative therapies are underway.

Cryoviva India allows you to give the gift of a lifetime to your baby with stem cell banking in India. Cryoviva, as a company, aims at providing high-quality umbilical cord blood preservation for both private and public donation purposes. They use high-end processing and storage technology that has been approved by International authorities. Cryoviva follows the “Closed bag” collection method for harvesting the cord blood stem cells. This reduces the possibility of contamination of cord blood greatly.

Let’s look at the reasons why you should opt for stem cell banking other than of course the advantage it provides in the treatment of more than 80 diseases.

Easy to Collect

The stem cell collection process is performed easily at the same time when the umbilical cord is cut. And it causes no pain or risk to the mother or baby during the extraction of the blood. On the other hand, stem cells, when collected from bone marrow, require an invasive, surgical procedure where general anaesthesia is given, which itself comes with its own inherent risks.

Better Matching

For successful transplantation of stem cells, there has to be a perfect match for the receiver & donor. However, matched stem cells can be found in some public databases as well, but the chance of finding a perfect match is very low, and complications may arise with unrelated blood transfusions. Whereas, genetically related stem cells extracted from the umbilical cord more often result in a successful transplant for siblings and other blood-related family members.

 Therefore, this implies that a child’s cord blood stem cells, if there’s a need, could one day be used to help not just their siblings but parents as well.

Less Risk of Post-Transplant Complications

Apart from being better accepted entirely by the body, cord blood stem cells significantly reduce the risk of post-transplant graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). GVHD is when the transplanted cells attack or harm the body. It is one of the major complications of stem cell transplants. The risk of GVHD post stem cell transplant depends on the relationship between the donor & the receiver. According to the report of National Institute of Health:

  • Identical twins have a very low chance of suffering from GVHD
  • Blood-related family members have about 35%–45% chance of GVHD
  • Unrelated donor & receiver has about 60%–80% chance of GVHD

Apart from this, the cord blood stem cells are better accepted by the body as they’ve rarely been contaminated with latent viruses, which is not true for stem cells from other sources. Therefore, cord blood stem cell banking has been dubbed “privileged” as they haven’t been exposed to many diseases.


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