Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Why Should You Get A Regular Dental Checkup?

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Dental appointments are a nightmare for many as every time you visit your dentist; they ask you to stop eating all the junk you eat and take great care of your oral hygiene which most of us tend to ignore.

However, it is very important to visit your dentist at the dental clinics in Hyderabad and make sure to get your oral health checked. Considering to skip your routine dental checkups can cost you a lot in the later stage. Here is a list of some important reasons for why you should not skip any appointments at your dentist and also, to make one if you haven’t got checked until now.

Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is a very serious disease that evolves itself in various ways. Oral cancer is often not diagnosed without knowing the signs of its early onset, and can easily progress and become a threat to life. However, an early stage oral cancer diagnosis is usually easily treatable.

A dentist is well-trained to recognize such signs and symptoms, and with dental checkups, every six months, the probability of catching oral cancer in time is very high. Recognizing oral cancer in its early stages is the key to treating it successfully. And, the abnormalities that you may fail to notice can easily be recognized by your dentist.

Tartar, Plaque, and Cavities

Even with the most careful daily brushers and flossers, there will still be small areas in the mouth that could be missed by regular brushing and flossing. When plaque builds up, it becomes very difficult to remove as it solidifies and turns into tartar, which is very difficult to get rid of without a doctor’s help. Get your root canal treatment done.

Gum Disease

Building up of plaque and tartar not only cause tooth decay but can also remove off the mouth’s gum tissues. This happens when the tartar buildup leads to an infection where the gum is connected to the tooth, which makes the gum pull away from the tooth.

This infection is typically known as gingivitis, and as it develops, the tissue that holds gums to the teeth breaks down. Treatment of gum disease, depending on its severity, can involve surgery, intensive, deep cleaning, and medication. To avoid all of these procedures, regular dental cleanings are vital in catching and addressing gingivitis and other severe gum diseases before they get out of hand.

Keeping Bad Habits in Check

There are various bad habits that can take a bad toll on your oral health. Some of these habits include chewing ice, clenching your jaw, biting your nails, grinding your teeth, drinking coffee and red wine, eating specifically sticky or hard sweets, brushing your teeth too hard, and of course, smoking.

Find Underlying Problems With X-Rays

An essential part of visiting your dentist twice a year is getting your teeth, and jaw bone x-rayed. X-ray images allow dentists to see what is happening beneath the mouth surfaces, find and diagnose issues that usually may be invisible to the naked eye. Problems like this also include impacted teeth, which are the teeth that grow and are blocked from pushing through the gum line, which is often seen in wisdom teeth.

Head, Neck, and Lymph Node Checks

Along with checking your mouth, tongue, and gums for any signs or oral cancer, the dentist will also check your neck, jaw, and lymph nodes that are located just below your jawline, for any lumps, swelling, or other abnormalities. If the dentist finds any defect, it could be a sign of a major health issue; they will warn you about it and refer you the appropriate medical professional.


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  1. I wanted to thank you for explaining why it can be good to get a regular dental checkup. I’m glad you mentioned that a dentist can actually help get areas on the mouth that you might have missed from regular brushing and flossing. This also seems helpful if you can find out spots that you need to brush more often.


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