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Psoriasis causes treatment

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This skin condition is caused due to the increase of cells which forms patches on the body. These rough patches irritate the skin, making it inflamed and red. Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease which usually affects the elbows, the back of the legs, the scalp and even the palms of the hands. We can take some measure to avoid the chronic signs and symptoms along with preventing the problem altogether.


In order to completely avoid a problem, it is important that we understand and eradicate the causes from the get go. Psoriasis is caused by the white blood cells in the body which come under emergency for some reason and think like the body in under attack. This causes them to produce proteins which cause inflammation. Researchers could not come up with a certain cause of this but the process happens by the T cells of the immune system. The older skin starts to get collected forming patches on the skin because it can’t get cleared as quickly. However, you can avoid some triggers of this disease which will in turn prevent the cause from elevating.


We have all heard the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’, but in Psoriasis you are expected to apply it seriously. In order for you to do that, you need to avoid some triggers of this skin problem. You should stop drinking alcohol, taking too much stress, smoking and neglecting foods which contain Vitamin D. Go out in the sun for some Vitamin D, it never did anyone harm!

Signs and Symptoms

Like any other skin disease this also greatly affects the epidermal layer of the skin and has many types in itself. The most common type is plaque psoriasis which occurs on the areas like elbows and behind the knees etc. These are the areas that need to be targeted the most in terms of treatment and prevention. Before that, you must go through a few signs that you might see:

  1. Feeling itchy and sore,
  2. Nails with a changed shape,
  3. Your tongue might also change shape,
  4. Bleeding under the collected layer of skin.

Solutions and Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin condition which doesn’t have a proper solution. This is bad news for someone who is diagnosed by this problem as it tends to stay for a lifetime, however as the symptoms come and go you can try to keep them on a minimum making sure that it doesn’t disrupt your everyday life activities.

Topical medication is a good option for most patients. They can have both Vitamin D and steroids. Topical creams with steroids can be a little strong so it is advised that you keep them for the weekends and stick to creams with Vitamin D in the weekdays. This can be a great solution for the ones going through a flare up. There are other oral treatments like Apremilast. You should be wary of taking up treatments like acitretin which can greatly affect the child bearing process. You might not get pregnant for at least 3 years after taking it. It is important that all solutions are understood along with their side effects before you start them.


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