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Osteoarthritis: Foods that you should avoid while you have osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis and diet

Osteoarthritis is a condition in which cartilage or tissues of the cartilage between your joint break down or torn away. These cushions provide support in the movement of the joints. If they are torn the patient may feel severe pain and swelling.

Osteoarthritis which is usually known as OA is an inflammatory condition. If you eat the food that helps or increases the inflammation in the joints, can also increase the symptoms.


According to research, sugary items or sugar-rich carbohydrates changes the efficiency of the body’s immune system. These foods include cakes, cookies, and mostly bakery items which are enriched in sugar. These foods can worsen the inflammation in the joints, and the patient may feel weaker than before.

However, natural substitutes like honey or maple syrup can appease your sweet tooth without contributing to the symptoms of OA.


Eating salt more than need can also increase the inflammation in the joints, which is the symptom of OA. Surplus of sodium causes your blood cells to retain your water. The tissues near the joint may more swell.

A handsome amount of sodium is necessary to perform the function, although, a large amount of sodium increases the inflammation and contribute to joints damage.

Fried food

Foods that are high in saturated fat can increase inflammation in the body. These foods include fries, and doughnuts and other fired items.

White flour

White bread can increase the body’s inflammatory functioning. Eating a large amount of pasta, cereals and grain products may increase the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the body.

To avoid the pain and inflammation in the body especially in joints you need to use the whole grains instead of white or refined wheat. Whole grains along with yeast can also increase the effects of OA.

Dairy products

There is a perception of the people that dairy products increase the pain and the inflammation in some people. Although, study shows that people who avoid milk or dairy products experience significant improvement in the symptoms of arthritis.

 Omega-6 fatty acids

According to research in medical school, the researchers say that reducing your intake of omega-6 fatty acids such as red meat and eggs yolks decrease the effects of inflammation in the joints.

However, according to researchers, saturated fat may increase the symptoms and signs of the inflammation and make the pain worsen.

Use of alcohol and osteoarthritis

If you have OA, most of the researchers discourage the intake of alcohol. It increases the pain in the joints, and you will face difficulties in movement.

In this, beer should be avoided; it contains the high purity level of commercial alcohol.

As you know, “caution is better than cure”. If you avoid the diet that increases the pain and inflammation, you will surely experience the benefits. If you still experience the pain, you can use medication. You can buy codeine online to treat joint pain. If you buy online, you will not need the prescription of the doctor.


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