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Is It Time To See Urologist? Find out Now!

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Are you facing challenges when you are urinating? The urinary system or urinary tract is where the urine gets stored and expels the urine. In this way, the right balance of chemicals and water is maintained in the body. The blood is filtered in the kidneys which pass the urine through the ureter to the bladder. It is then drained through the urethra. Urological conditions can affect anyone. The Urology focuses on the care of the kidneys, the ureters and the bladder including urethra. Symptoms of problems in the urinary tract are not always readily visible so that you can visit a urologist in Noida. You should not make a mistake. Some signs that you should not ignore at all are:

Persisting Infection

If you experience burning while urination which could not be treated even with antibiotics, then it is time to see a urologist.  It may be an indication of a painful bladder. When you visit urologist, he will test your urine and examine the bladder with cystoscopy to do the diagnosis. The treatment involves the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. If you are alcoholic, you should avoid triggers like alcohol, very spicy food. For chocolate and caffeine, lovers urologist may spell doom.

Urine Leakage

Are you urinating a lot or are there symptoms of overactive bladder? The urologists take care of urine incontinence as well. The overactive bladder can be treated with lifestyle changes, medical and surgical treatments.

Kidney Stone

If you can have a stone in the kidney, it may cause severe pain on one side of the lower back. Severe stomach pain is another symptom that may indicate the presence of a stone.  Some patients complain about blood in the urine and stink in the urine or the urine that looks cloudy.  With the first sign of these symptoms, you should see the urologist as soon as possible for the treatment and the diagnosis. Keep in mind that the kidney stone pain can be very severe and many patients report is as the worst that they might have experienced.

Problem with Genital Organ

A urologist is the first doctor that a male patient should turn to when they are facing the challenge of getting and maintaining an erection. Although the roots of the problem can be psychological, there may be underlying medical or physical cause.

There is a Pelvic Pain

There may be many reasons behind pain in the pelvic area. It can include prostrate inflammation, infection in the prostate, possible cancer in the bladder or kidney cancer.  A urologist can diagnose the problem thoroughly and provide adequate treatment. To find one search for one in the best urologist platform in Noida.

Fertility Issues

Are you and spouse not able to conceive even after six months to a year of regular intercourse? You should see a urologist for a fertility checkup. He can perform an adequate test to diagnose the exact cause.

In the End,

If there are signs mentioned above, it may well be an indication that there may be an issue in the urinary tract and you should see the best urologists in Noida.


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