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How to Relieve Back Pain?

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Let us accept the fact – we all have experienced back pain, at least at some point in our lives. No matter what may have caused it, like prolonged working hours, sports injury or something else; back pain can really take a toll on our lives. It is always challenging to deal with back pain. There are many simple things you can do to keep your back in good conditions.

Here are some tips.

Take a sound sleep

We all know the fact that only a few fortunate people could enjoy a good night’s sleep. But when you are suffering from back pain, a poor sleep routine can trigger the problem. Sleep deprivation can actually worsen inflammation and pain. For better night’s sleep, do everything to regulate your sleep routine. It may include – investing in a good mattress, giving a gentle foot massage before hitting the bed, experimenting with different sleep positions, or try sleep inducing yoga poses. Adding an additional pillow under your body can help you maintain the natural curve in your spine, like under your leg, or knee.

Take help of a physiotherapist

Be it chronic or acute, we rarely wish to take help of painkillers to combat back pain. Physiotherapy is one of the best drug-free ways to relieve back pain. You just need to get associated with the right Fort Myer physical therapy clinic. After a thorough examination, your physiotherapist will assess your movement, range of motion, discover your strength and flexibility and will give you an accurate diagnosis to correct the problem. They also guide you to at-home exercises to avoid the issue and make good therapeutic progress.


Yoga can be very theraptic for patients with back pain. It helps reduce back pain, especially chronic ones. Yoga also improves the flexibility of your body and is an excellent stretching exercise. It enables you to lose tight muscles, build strengths and improve range of motion. Moreover, it also focusses on deep breathing and relaxation which help reduce pain.

Heat and cold packs

Heat and cold packs have always been best friends of people suffering from pain. The good old technique is one of the most used household therapies to relieve all kind of pain and inflammation. You can apply ice packs to reduce inflammation, reduce swelling. Heat packs are ideal for reducing tension, cramp and muscle spasms.

Hope the tips, mentioned above will help you relieve back pain. Share your experience with us.


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