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How to make bones stronger after 40?

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Strong Bones After 40

After our young age when we enter into our mid elderly stage which comes after 40 years, we start deteriorating our bone health. And, this scenario is very common in women after 40 years. And, in men, it comes after 50 years. But, in both terms lack of calcium and, other substances in our bones lead us to various bone diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, dry joint cartilage, mild bone fractures, etc. Changing in food habits, daily lifestyle, mild exercise, regular fitness, periodical doctor visits are some ways to face the challenges. Let us see some ways to make our bones stronger after 40 years and, ways to stop osteoporosis. 

Osteoporosis: what is it?

Osteoporosis is one of the diseases that are increasing its incidence among the world population due to the generalization of sedentary lifestyle habits, the increase in the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and caffeine, and poor diet. Postmenopausal women are the population group with the highest risk of bone problems to suffer a decrease in the number of estrogens and, other hormonal deficiencies that cause an irregular absorption of calcium. But, this can be sorted out if you follow some changes in foods, and daily habits. And, obviously to consult with the homeopathic doctor New Jersey regarding your bone health. They will be able to guide you more accurately.

Calcium: dairy and cereals

The essential nutrients that contribute the most nutrients to strengthen bones are those rich in calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus and magnesium. To ensure the supply of calcium it is necessary to take at least one glass of milk per day, or its equivalent in dairy products which translate into two daily yoghurts, or between 40 and 80 grams of cheese depending on whether it is cured or fresh. A glass of milk contributes about 290 mg. of calcium – it is a rich source of vitamin D.

Healthy diet:Vitamin D

Blue fish and cod liver oil. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in terms of increasing the bone mass. This vitamin D accelerates the absorption of required level of calcium in our blood stream. You can use cod liver oil to get the maximum benefit. Also, you can consider eggs, blue fish, liver, butter etc. They are highly recommended people with osteoporosis or, any kind of bone health issues. The sardines are the second food with more contribution of this vitamin, with approximately 250 IU.

Do a lot of physical activity

Like muscles, bones get stronger with exercise. At this stage you must not do over exercise. You can do mild stretch exercises. Daily exercise according to your bone health and, weight ratio such as dancing, mild weight lifting, stairs climbing, walking etc. You must maintain the regular activities, at least half an hour exercise. Smoking is absolutely prohibited. You may drink alcohol but, do not make it a daily habit. Improve your balance and strength by walking every day and taking Tai Chi classes, yoga or dancing.

Do you need to take medicine for bones?

There are several medications to stop bone heath deterioration. Your orthopaedic physician can suggests you to make bone health test to see ifyour bones are weak and you have a good chance of fracturing a bone in the future. It is very likely that you will prescribe medication if you have other health problems that increase your risk of a fracture, such as a tendency to fall or low body weight. Therefore, you must maintain a healthy life style. You are not that young teen any more. You have responsibilities – of your own and, your family.

At last i would just say that it is really important that its important to stay healthy after you get old, and it is really important that you have a stronger bones for over all health st bone are the main structure of the body.


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