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6 Best Fruit Juices That Help You to Get Glowing Skin

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Best Fruit Juices

Nowadays, every single person wants to look gorgeous and have flawless skin. Exercise is necessary to get an attractive body shape but to look beautiful and get healthy skin and hair, you need to eat the right food. Regarding this, veggies and fruits play a major role. Most of the fruit contains fiber and other essential nutrients like toxin, and that affects your overall skin and hair. It destroys the antioxidants, which are the reason for damaged body cells. You can eat fruits directly or make its juice. Instead of applying commercial chemical-laden beauty products on your valuable skin please drink regularly fruit juices for fair complexion. Now, I am gonna share some spiffy and best fruit juices for whitening and lightening skin.

List of Best Juices:-

1. Apple Juice:


Apple is very lovable fruit. Remember one thing, “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. No doubt, it is very good for our skin and health. An apple contains antioxidants and a significant amount of collagen. Antioxidants work against skin tissue damage and wrinkles, in a word it prevents the signs of premature aging. And collagen makes your skin glowing.

2. Orange Juice:

Oranges are the great source of Vitamin C, and Vitamin C helps to lighten our skin tone. Drinking orange juice every day is good for our health. It also has the power to retarded melanin, which makes your skin dark. You should drink orange juice not only for glowing skin but for your health too. Because this juice helps in your digestion as well. During summer, even you can make a homemade face pack using orange juice and Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti. It gives effective results for fair and radiant skin. Reduce suntan, blackheads, dirt, and oil which makes your skin look dull and tired.

3. Mango Juice:

The King of fruits is Mango and we all love mangoes. It stuffed with Vitamin A and Vitamin A is necessary for supple and flawless skin. But I would never recommend Mango Juice for fat people and to them who has oily skin. People with normal skin or dry skin can drink Mango Juice and also rub it on their face for making naturally fair skin. Vitamin A is called nature’s agent for facial beauty and bring glowyness in your face.

4. Grape Juice:


Grape Juice is extremely effective in retaining collagen and we know collagen helps your skin to supple and elastic. Grapes are rich with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both are extremely good for our skin and it helps in getting rid of pigmentation and dark patches. It also has potassium which is very helpful in optimizing the circulation of blood giving a flawless, clear and glowing skin.

5. Pomegranate Juice:

Pomegranate is also rich with Vitamin A & C, and antioxidants. It has the ability to purify blood that helps in nourishing your skin and make it super glowy. Pomegranate also has the anti-aging properties in it, which help in renewal the dead cells and leads you young and get beautiful skin. It works for long-lasting effects, entering your facial tissues and retain collagen.

6. Lemon Juice:

Lemon is a must-have ingredient in our kitchen, It has the best skin lightening properties in it. Lemon juice is used as a most sorted ingredient for homemade beauty treatments and remedies. Though its size may be small but it is one of the best natural fruit juice for fair complexion. You can directly use lemon wedges by gently rub on your tanned skin, or mix some drops of lemon juice with Multani Mitti and then use it as a face pack. If you have dark patches on neck, elbows, and knees then apply lemon juice and honey’s mixture on it or you can add some coffee powder. Do it regularly, it will give you an effective result for sure.

Final Words:

All these fruit juices for fair complexion and healthy skin. It is very important to look perfect with natural glowing skin. If I talk about perfect skin then I must tell you to drink fruit juices for having an extraordinary, healthy and fairy skin.


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