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Osmo genius kit for ipad

We always kept a soft spot for the Osmos system in Tangibil Play, and so we jumped on the chance to review the Genius kit. We were curious how the set would have changed from their initial kit and gave the system the power to stay in the ever-expanding market of “ed tech” toys. Genius Kit is an entry level placelet, composed of three sets of one base unit and manipulative – words, tangram and numbers. In addition, the game Newton and Masterpiece are available to play with the Genius kit without extra purchases. Please visit for information about their entire educational game. Osmo genius kit for ipad is a brand that keeps expanding and developing. Games cover spatial construction, language and math in an intuitive way, which thrive a child. And how do they do that you can ask? Well, with emphasis on manual manipulation, everything is at their fingertips and learning is alive. Children learn to know how the number “5” or the word “cat” looks like, and it provides them the kinetic availability of both the spatial and cosmic concepts. By holding a three tile, the children start creating a mental and sequence that seems to be … 1, 2, or 3. To see the validity of this 1: 1 correspondence child and to understand the meaning of numbers Is magical. Let’s have a look inside this extraordinary educational system.


While unpacking the set, it’s impressive to see how strong the game set is. This set can “licking and ticking”. In addition to the base and mirror set for iPad® (a base for iPhone® can also be purchased), each game comes with a manipulator in an easy container that is easy to store. The tangible play provides replacement pieces if pieces should be lost, which is something in itself that is rarely seen in the industry today. This company wants your child to play the game. Once the base is set up, all tangible play games can begin. I must admit that seeing the set’s potential, I was amazed that the manipulatives, regardless of how busy or disorganized, might be.


The word is one of the best games for beginners, which I have come across. The possibilities are mind-blowing and can be used for children who begin to make an understanding of the alphabet in complex and highly developed word games. Using a combination of pictures and letters, teachers, parents and children can invent a new game. Many teachers and others have uploaded games to share or motivate you to create your own. To complete a word, set the center to tie the front of the base to unlock the secret words. Not only is vocabulary reinforced, but there is also a possibility in other areas of study, for example, learning skills in drawing, taking pictures or using complimentary programs on an iPad or computer. A game that is easy to create, identifying classmates or family members for children, who have difficulty identifying others. Children can play themselves, compete as teams, or test their skills against a cute Osmome character. We played this game with preschoolers who had published in graphics. Another favorite adventure game was included with early readers.


Numbers are an open-ended creative approach to learning mathematics. There is no approach to finding the right answer that opens the mind for many possibilities in finding solutions. Instead of being right / wrong in play, osmo genius kit for ipad takes an active approach that builds confidence and ability. Number manipulations in number packets have numbers like 0-9 and “dice-like” tiles with 1, 2 or 5 dots. I wish they have all the numbers shown on the dice tiles because I have many children who would like to play with them, and this is always a source of questions for both the children and their parents. The gameplay center frees the fish to swim in the ocean to swim in the center. All operations can be obtained from how the number tiles appear in the area below the iPad. There is also no time limit which is a blessing for children who need a little extra time to process.


Tangram is a classic game of spatial logic and orientation. These skills are the foundation of reading, writing, and ability to be creative in solving math problems as well. Puzzles also teach perseverance and teach children to build and test a hypothesis. In Tangram, there are tiles of size in various types of posts to make objects, animals or people. To solve 4 levels of difficulty and more than 500 puzzles, gameplay is never old. There is even an adapted level for preschool –

“Introduction to Tongram,” but we found that most preschoolers needed some help to complete these levels. Again I was amazed at the ability of the game to identify puzzle pieces, where there was no difference, where the base was established – creating an environment where focusing on learning and working with the system Failure is not done.


Newton is a fast-paced game that transforms children into superheroes of physics. Drawing or using objects within reach, the children actively solve the problem on the fly in the guiding balls falling from the top of the screen on the target-like pin-ball. The plans need to be modified to meet the levels – which is part of the fun. The path can be prepared on a whiteboard, with pencil or paper or using Osmo’s Creative Board and whiteboard-safe marker. It is a good idea to invest in dry erase pens and boards because it is difficult to ignore the iPad early in order to save the remaining balls. I think the game teaches kids to use their intuition and creativity. We used to make a bang using everyday items to make dog biscuits, candies and even tissues. Cool free-floating shape with crammed paper or fabric.


Drawing with masterpieces is only pure fun. The master uses any picture and transforms it into a line line to trace it through viewing on the screen. It is a highly motivational app for coordinating visual-motor skills for children. Not only does this refine the grip on writing instruments, but it also gives a consistent response to the children how accurate they are making. And this grade translates into the strength of the force and improves legibility while writing. Using Reflective Mirrors is a learning curve to learn to learn, and children may want to start in the gallery with simple images first. Drawing can be saved to print out and color or send to grandma.


Osmo genius kit for ipad is a bargain for classrooms and for those parents who want to create creative thinking and learning material on their child’s potential. This basic set has the ability to develop a child with complexity and includes a broad base of academic and other interest areas. The sets are surprisingly sensitive, and children can play in minutes. There are additional sets to find in the Osmo Store – so check it out!

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