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Great games developed in HTML5

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Juicy Dash

In the market of games through the browser, Flash maintains a broad domain, however, with the arrival of HTML5 a new window is opened, from which a promising future for this form of generating entertainment is seen.

Although it still has a long way to go, HTML5 has in its favour, among many others, three important advantages that undoubtedly outline it as the best alternative to develop browser games in the years to come.

The number of HTML5 best free games currently available on the market is not very large, and there is still much to improve in the section on performance, CPU consumption and memory, however some of the ones that have been done so far are really good and serve in advance of what we can expect in the coming months, but how about we look at some of them?

Rescue Juliet

In this best free online games, be the hero and save your lover in this cute Rescue Juliet game. Run against time and rescue your partner from the problems he is in! In this cute arcade game, you play the red Romeo, Juliet’s lover determined to save her from her captors. Move the chips to the left, right, up and down to clear the way for sweet Juliet. Slide your fingers on the screen and be the champion in this arcade game! Can you save her in time or will the story end tragically? Let the two lovers meet and rewrite the classic romance once again!

Juicy Dash

Juicy Dash is a classic game of combining 3 with tasty fruits. The objective of the game is to overcome each round in the given time and reach the score. There are also power-ups when you make big matches or extra time that you can catch.

Snappy Spy

In it we become familiar with Kyoto; this young man is an incomparable fighter and spy. Now our hero received a new task to penetrate the farm located in the mountains and steal an important document. We will help our hero to face this task. Our character will run along the stone crest. l But your path will not be easy. Null Dangers and pitfalls await you. Therefore, he will use all the skills to run this segment of the road quickly and not perish. To do this, seeing the danger, click on the screen, and our hero will change his location and run through the roof.

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