Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

E-Sports Is Only Getting Bigger for the Youth World-Wide

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With state associations in New York and New Jersey planning to add e-
sports to their varsity line up, a local website, consulted a
neuropsychology specialist so that she could share the warning
symptoms of possible video game addictions.

One such sign is spending 4-6 hours after school in gaming. This is a bad
signal for our younger generation. It may encourage varsity coaches to have players volunteering to spend 4-6 hours per day at their spor

It would also encourage parents to let their children participate in such
competitions with all the ever growing pile of scholarship money of

Truly, the e-sport has emerged well with younger generation and the
varsity e-sport is rising to the mainstream as well.

At least seven state high school associations are differing e-sports at a
varsity level and many more are being added.

Even states without official varsity e-sports organize state tournaments
for which prize money include scholarship money to me of the 115
Colleges, offering scholarship to games and fielding e-sports teams also.

“e-sports horizon is getting bigger and bigger day by day. It is the industry that should be taken seriously as it brings scopes for not merely the business companies but brilliant minds too,” says Yusuf Khan from Shadow Arena. – “Scientists have also proved that e-games are also helping youth to develop and sharpen their brain at much faster pace.” he adds.

High school e-sport was the subject of a session at SXSW. A recent
episode of “The Simpsons” showed Bart Simpson playing for an e-sports

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