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Best Credit Cards For Money Transfer

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Having a Best money transfer credit card is an optimal choice when you need to transfer the balance to others or when you are looking to pay interest amounts or paying for an old thing you bought when you didn’t have enough balance to purchase.

Let’s look at some of the best credit cards to transfer balance:

Discover It

This is one of the best money transfer credit cards that allows you to transfer long distance transfers with offers like five per cent cashback after the transaction is successful. Other benefit includes transferring that money at 0% for about 18 months, after that its thirteen to twenty-four per cent rate.

 Look forward to this if you like getting rewards on your transfers. One con for this card is that it only gives you 18 months or 6 months of the timeline for 0% rate, so an only modest amount of balance can be transferred.

Capital One

Capital one only charges you 3% of the fee for transferring money and the best thing about this card is they don’t increase this charge rate after some time as other cards do in general. Not only that you are getting a signup bonus as well once you have finished every step for the service. Though the card offers cashback, there aren’t many high amounts of cashback that can be availed.


This one is considered the best when it comes to credit card money transfer. Not only they allow money transfers to credit to your bank, but they also give you an option to use that credit via UPI.

 A virtual credit card will also be provided to you which is accessible via the app built by vCard. This app has all the functionality you need in order to get the benefits of the credit card. And they only charge 2.9% for transfers. Much less compared to others. Not just that they also have zero interest balance transfer credit cards available in their collection.

Chase Freedom

This one is best if you are looking for cashback every quate, also known as rotating cashback. They also provide 0% APR for transferring money and any purchases online, including a bonus for signing up. Tough the foreign transactions charges are 3% which would mean if you shop while you are abroad, it can get a little expensive.


This credit card compliances the best with FICO also known as Fair Isaac Corporation, which is a corporation focused on determining the credit score of customers about repayment of their credit. They offer eighteen billing cycle at 0% APR on things you buy and money transfers in the first 60 days of getting this credit card. But there are no signup bonuses available on this card.

City Simplicity

This card has the longest introductory offer of over 20 months of 0% and they also offer features like no late fees or no penalty or late fees and not even any annual fee as most others have. Unlike other cards, it doesn’t offer any cashback or rewards of other kinds.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card

This includes a lot of similar offers like other cards, one extra benefit of this card is they are offering phone protection of up to 600 dollars but only if you are using your credit card to pay for your monthly bills.

 This card also offers a cashback of around 150 dollars if you make a transfer or purchase of about 500 dollars in the first 3 months. Thought this card offers a good amount of offers in general but if you are looking for long into offers than this might not be the right one for you.


These are just a general list of cards that we believe are the best ones when it comes to transferring money via credit card. vCard stands out a bit compared to others. Just research a bit more before going for a service.


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