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Should You Avail Loans if Your Credit History is Bad?

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Payday loan

You often grab payday loans when your credit report is not stellar. Instant disbursal is one of the significant features that attract many borrowers. However, these loans come with a bit higher disbursal limit than other types of short-term loans.

A payday loan is the one that you can avail for a two-week period. The amount is deducted from your account on the next payday. Many borrowers are seen entrapped in a debt web after they have taken out these loans.

Payday loans are expensive because they charge higher interest rates and term for these loans is very short. Within two weeks, you have to pay back your debt in full. It can be very hard to manage these loans.

Not all bad credit loans are as expensive as cash advances. You should take out these loans if you are certain that you will pay dues on time. Here are some alternatives to payday loans:

  • Dip into your emergency fund

Emergency cushions are built up to finance unexpected expenditures. If you have the one, do not hesitate to throw it to your needs. These funds will prevent you from interest payments.

  • Use your credit card

Credit card allows you to pay your bill within the grace period. Use your credit card when it is urgent and try to settle your dues within the grace period to avoid penalty.

  • Borrow from friends and family

Try to ask your family and friends for financial assistance. Their support can help you prevent from the burden of interest. However, make sure that you pay them your debt in time.

  • Instalment loans

Though these loans also come with high interest rates, they are much more affordable than payday loans. You pay your debt in fixed instalments. The duration of these loans varies from 3 to 12 months.

Assistance for a smooth escape from bad credit

Lenders help people come out of their poor credit situation. How do they do that? Oh, that is simple. Loan is customised with personalised pricing. This is intentional to make the repayments easier.

Take the loan, pay on time and gradually credit scores improve. Two purposes are solved here. Get funds despite bad credit and improve credit scores. The latter one is of utmost importance if one wants to live a stable life. Do not worry; online lenders can help you do that.

Features That Lender Provide

Lenders offer many other things to their customers with additional features. Every element has a reason, and that reason relates to many people in common.

1.    No upfront fee – Mostly, this factor creates most clashes between the lender and the borrower. Besides this is an unethical thing to ask for from the applicants. Lenders leave no space for any complications as no upfront fee

2.    No prepayment penalty – Close the loan before the tenure without any penalty of prepayments. How relieving it is to get rid of the obligation before the due time.

4.    No, documentation – Lenders in the loan market is as the direct lender, and direct lending has an image of stress-free, hassle-free funding.


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